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Was the Roswell UFO Incident part of a Masquerade of Aliens?

Roswell UFO Sightings Newspaper Report

I just read an interesting speculative analysis suggesting that it really was a weather balloon that crashed outside of Roswell and that the US Army then hoaxed an alleged ET connection as part of some kind of psi-warfare operation. What if the incident was not faked by US military forces but rather by the so-called aliens themselves?

I have been impressed how adult experiencers suddenly de-novo recall having dreams about UFOs that occurred during their childhoods. What if the memories of those dreams are thought forms implanted decades later into the minds of experiencers. The same mechanism of contact might apply to alleged mass witnessed "events" like the Roswell Incident. The original investigations into Roswell took place in the late 1970s. It was thirty years after the alleged crash occurred that Stanton Friedman and his co-workers tracked down Jessie Marcel.

The UFO literature abounds with what investigators have called "screen memories" among Close Encounter witnesses. What if some, many or perhaps even most of our memories of close contacts with aliens are implanted by this otherness that we now call “ET?” Entire belief systems are being created around alleged alien visitations that might involve a technology that can create memories that seem as real to you and me as what we recall having this morning for breakfast Or is that too scary? WAS THE ROSWELL INCIDENT PART OF A MASQUERADE OF ALIENS? J. Burkes MD 2016

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