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Black Wedge Shaped UFO flew diagonally across our path It was silent UK

Black Wedged UFO Sighting reported 9-07-73 GB

UFO Sighting occurred on 9/07/73 over Walsall GB. My husband and I had just closed our grocery shop for the evening and were on our way to visit my parents with their weekly shopping order(it was Friday evening around 7.00 pm) We had taken a back road from our home in Stonnall to the main road to Wolverhampton via Walsall. As we approached a T junction I noticed the headlights of the UFO Sighting diagonally to my left. Intrigued I wound down the window and watched as the UFO Sighting moved slowly closer. 
UFO had two round lights on the rectangular leading edge. UFO was black, and with no visible doors, windows, engines, or nuts and bolts, completely smooth. As this UFO approached at about 15-20 mph I noticed it was completely silent. At this point alarm bells began to ring. This was no helicopter or any flying vehicle I had ever seen. It was wedge shaped flying blunt edge first. My immediate thought was "It looks non -aerodynamic, why isn't it flying pointy end first" My husband was concerned and continued to advance to the junction. I remained looking out of the window and as we reached the T junction so did the UFO which passed diagonally above us. At this point I thought "If anything is going to happen, it will be now". Nothing did and now I was able to see the UFO from the other side which was identical to the other. At this point we were parallel with it but as we reached the end of our road in preparation for joining the main Walsall road the UFO flew at the same speed over the industrial units close by and disappeared into the distance. On reaching my parents house we excitedly told them of our experience, They had always been interested in UFOs and subscribed to Flying Saucer Review, however they appeared skeptical but said they would contact the magazine. My parents never spoke of the incident and there was no comeback from FSR and no reports in the media. We let the matter drop. Friends thought it was funny and thought we were joking. At that point in time I thought UFOs were saucer shaped, period. It wasn't until years later I realized that UFOs came in many shapes and I still haven't seen anything to this day which resembles that shape. mufon cms# 87921

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