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Black UFO Disc hoovered over Mojave Desert

UFO Sighting report occurred on June 12 2012: I was a bus driver, under a department of defense contractor, moving national guardsmen out from Barstow National Training Center to Placerville California. This is the first time I ever remember seeing the Black Saucer Disc UFO, that I had seen subsequently, in other encounters. 

Saturday 5am. Staged busses at Barstow National training Center. I Was approached again by DOD inspector, wanting to see me again, and inspected the interior of the bus again, just after last night he requested the same ting, but didn't search any other of the 4 busses or drivers. It made me feel I had some kind of record with the department of defense and was some kind of security risk. 

6:30 am. While loading National guardsmen, one was saying how he was going to hit my buckteeth down my throat with a rifle butt and screw me in the ass in the back of the buss and cut my longhair off...this went on until we left at 7 am. 
The Sargent that sat on passenger side of buss, in front, asked if it bothered me, I said No. They were training for riot control simulation for Los Angles riot control, and this guy was rabid and hyped up, but no threat to me. 

At about 8am, crossing over 395 junction going into Mojave, Ca. a Black L, appeared in my peripheral vision to my left. It blocked my vision out the left side of the bus doors and mirror, I looked and then suddenly a black disc UFO Sighting emerged from the front of the bus, and hovered on the Right side about 4 feet in diameter and 8 feet in front, just sitting there, on the front left side. 

I looked to the Sargent and he was asleep, I looked in the interior mirror of the coach and all national guardsmen were asleep, as normal for these trips. The UFO disc started moving slowly from the Right side of the road over to the Left. I was going governor speed 65mph, and kept watching road, speed and thinking, if I could wake the Sargent up... 

The UFO disk made it to the Left side of the road bed now and started hovering about a foot off the ground and back the to right, when it was directly in front , I tried to say something to the Sargent, but it felt easier not to say anything. The black UFO disk then hovered back to the left side where it started and I looked at my speedometer and back to where the disc was, and it was gone. mufon cms# 85728

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