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Black Triangle UFO Sighting Canadian Report

Good day, last night I was witness to a UFO Sighting here in Qualicum Beach , BC. it was about 10:30 pm and my daughter and I where on our outside hotter when all of a sudden we saw the most amazing and longest shooting star we have ever seen, after seeing this, we started talking about UFOs and my many experiences in Mexico before. After a few minutes she went indoors and I remained in the hotter, just lying down looking at the beautiful night sky full of stars it was then that I saw a Huge Triangular Shape UFO, almost transparent, see through , and it had small triangles within, it must have been at least 100 meters off the ground and it was slow and steady, I saw it fly above me and then just flew away I felt mesmerized and amazed, I felt a little bit of fear, but it quickly went away, and after a few more minutes I came back indoors and told my wife and daughter about the incident. I just wanted to leave some kind of UFO Sighting report of my experience last night, thank you for taking the time to read this. I have had many more experiences with UFO Sightings in Mexico, but this was my first here in Canada after 9 years living here. Now I know they are here for some reason this is very interesting! best regards. Daniel Gradilla location Qualicum beach BC date march 14th 2020 time approx. 10:40 pm duration of the sighting 15 sec. behavior of the UFO object(s) flying low & steady color of the object(s) transparent shape of the object(s) triangular any sounds heard none weather conditions clear night 4 c and how you lost sight of the object(s) it flew over head and kept on going on the same direction. MUFON CMS# 106904 Qualicum Beach British Columbia Canada. 3/14/20 Region has had 949 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

Black Triangle UFO

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