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Black Orb UFO Sighting Video reported Anderson CA 6-10-17

June 11, 2017

Black Orb UFO Sighting Video reported Anderson CA 6-10-17

At about 10:15 A.M. I was talking to my neighbor outside on my porch when I noticed high in the western sky a black orb looking UFO with luminescence. I then ran inside and grabbed my camera. The UFO Sighting was slowly moving south east, but stopped and changed directions several times, even moving north. There were times when it was not moving at all. It also seemed to cloak at times and bi-locate once (jump from one space to another) and there may have been a couple other white orbs in the vicinity. It's hard to describe the shape of this UFO Sighting, and I will let the video footage speak for itself. It was not a balloon because it was changing directions, stopping, appeared to cloak a few times, and was even motionless at times. My neighbor and I witnessed these strange aerial phenomena for about twenty minutes. These UFOs just seemed to vanish into thin air and disappeared out of site. I was unable to capture on video the other orb like UFOs because there were no background clouds for reference, so I couldn't see them in my camera. I was astonished at what I was seeing. The UFO just seemed to vanish in thin air as it was heading north. I have two video clips. The one with me talking is at normal speed. It is quite shaky, because I did not have a tripod. In the second clip I slowed the video down two times and added a sound effect for entertainment purposes. You will see at 53 seconds, in the slow video, that the UFO appears to materializes out of thin air. My neighbor was with me, but could not see the black UFO, but he claimed to see three others nearby. mufon cms# 84309 The following UFO Video links were submitted  black.wmv

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