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Black Like Triangle UFO Sighting reported 8/4/16 Clovis CA

Black Triangle UFO Sighting Clovis CA 8/4/16

I was near the Walmart Shopping Center in Clovis, Ca when I looked up and sighted a Triangle Shaped flying UFO it had 3 lights at each corner and a center red light. I like to study UFO's and I can generally tell if something is more man made instead of alien. When ever I have heard about Black Triangle UFO sightings, most say that the UFO does not make noise or a very light humm. Id say the noise I heard was a light humm with rumble. I do believe in Aliens but this did seem more of a man military vessel but it looked just like a Black Triangle UFO. I was excited to see it but was quickly skeptical to conclude that it was extraterrestrial. But me and two others sighted it and it was a public area. It then flew away out of sight. I managed to get a photo with my cell phone unfortunately I did not focus well enough, but it is a photo I can provide. Again I am more leaning towards it being a military vessel but it looked exactly as other black triangle UFOs. Hope this information helps. MUFON CMS# 78249

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