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Barbara Lamb (06-21-2016) Meet The Hybrids ET "Alien" Ambassadors On Earth

BARBARA LAMB, M.S., MFT, CHT is a psychotherapist and hypnotherapist who specializes in regression therapy. She has assisted a few thousand people to the details of some of their previous lifetimes, and numerous other people to the details of their encounters with extraterrestrial beings. Since 1991 she has regressed more than 1700 people to their extraterrestrial encounters, in a total of 2300 regressions. These numbers are increasing as she continues to do this work. 

During these regressions she has learned a lot about the large variety of ET beings who interact with human beings. She has also learned about the extensive program of reproduction which some of the beings carry out in order to create hybrid beings: a mixture of ET beings and human beings. Most of these beings seem to live their lives on the ships or on other planets. Her research eventually lead to her meeting people who are real hybrid beings who are living among us here on earth. These ET-Human hybrids are here to help upgrade the consciousness of humanity, and do so by using their special skills in teaching spirituality, psychically understanding people, communicating with animals, teaching classes and offering healing. They know they are bridges between benevolent ETs and humans, and their missions are totally altruistic and benevolent. 

Extensive interviews with eight hybrid people resulted in co-authoring the book Meet The Hybrids: The Lives and Missions of ET Ambassadors On Earth, by Miguel Mendonca and Barbara Lamb, published in December, 2015. 

Barbara has been a frequent speaker at major conferences and groups here and abroad since 1991, as well as an interviewee on numerous radio shows, including Coast To Coast AM. She has appeared on many television shows and films. She was President of the Academy of Clinical Close Encounter Therapists (ACCET) for several years. She is currently on the editorial board of the on line Journal of Abduction-Encounter Research (JAR) and is on the advisory board of FREE: Foundation for Research Into Extraterrestrial Encounters . She also teaches for on line International Metaphysical University (IMU) and is on the board of Women In Ufology. 

Her two previous books are Crop Circles Revealed and Alien experiences. Her website is www.barbaralambmft.com. For Meet The Hybrids see https://meetthehybrids.wordpress.com.

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