Atacama UFO Sighting Contact Event Video

UFO Sightings News: Over the last 4 years, we (the Making Contact Team), have been traveling around the world to over 14 countries, meeting CE-5 observers & documenting our experiences "in the field" with them & on our own. Rob Freeman, Mark McNabb, Lissette Rodriguez. Our "Making Contact Project": On September 28th, 2019, in the Atacama Desert, Chile, 340 people from around 24 countries, observed an anomalous light over their camp, at the exact time  previously established by a telepathic contact with Ricardo González. Experience our interaction with the Cosmos. The Contact we had with the  UFO  Sighting "They" responded. A clear message that we are not alone on this planet. This video presents the Analysis of the Atacama Contact Event | with Ricardo González

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