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Army Basic Training 1980 Three Triangle shaped UFO Sightings reported

Triangle UFO Military Sighting 1980

In US Army Basic training, one night in 1980 I was assigned to BTU Unit E-10, one night looked out window and viewed 3 bright triangles shape UFOs that were bright lighted. There moved in a parallel patters backwards towards a water tower. Looked up and saw a large Cigar shaped UFO craft between 500 to 800 ft. straight up from my window. There were no clouds and it was a clear night. The area was quiet being an army training center for Military Police. The horizontal section running the length of the UFO was dimly lit in a kind of Orange/dull white light. 

The Cigar shaped UFO craft moved slowly but would move from East to West in a short intermittent pattern. I watched it for about 10 minutes until it disappeared. I have never reported this event although I have related it to my family. I have never forgotten it or ever will. 

I called for the Duty Drill Sgt. to come up to view, he briefly looked out the window, then yelled to the few soldiers to get to bed. We did, but when he left I continued to view it as the window was near my bunk. mufon cms# 85081

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