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Anomaly with high strangeness 02/19/16 4:34 pm EST | Red heart shaped Anomaly | UFO Sightings 2016

This Youtube channel is directed to people with a scientific view of the world: a view that is unconditional servant of observational data, were no idea or theory of reality is cherished or final because new observational data may contradict it and then that idea or theory must be modified/discarded, people with a dogmatic, simplistic view of the world do not have a real scientific spirit and will feel unwelcome here, the same will be for the nuts and bolts ET/UFO believers, preconceptions do not have any space in this channel, here consistent observational data reign supreme. We reject "reductionism" and fully believe that observing reality directly always will provide more actionable insights than cartoon-like "models" of reality ever will. I am using this channel as an output for my observations and ideas in this topic, this is a free Ads channel.

We are only interested in Anomalies, Anomalies are not UFOs, we do not have any interest in the so called UFOs that the believers talk about. Anomalies are relatively easily observable, UFOs on the other hand only exist on the cultists imagination.

No music is added to any footage because music is an external and subjective element that will conspire against the objectivity of the facts presented.

If you are looking for Hollywood style entertainment you are in the wrong channel.

Anybody using foul/vulgar/personal attacks language in this channel will be banned without any warning. We expect strong articulated comments, one word/sentence comments usually will be deleted.  

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