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Amazed by Flat Rectangular Shape UFO reported

I was driving east at night when I saw a large white UFO light randomly turning off and on. I continued toward it, as I was headed that way. upon reaching the intersection I could tell it was not a newly erected tower. I continued on my normal path and was watching to see exactly where this light was coming from. At that point a second very quick (shooting star like) slightly orange yellow light, came (north heading southeast) from a curved trajectory and paused for few seconds just feet from the original larger light. Then left again (heading northeast curving west) in a instantly constant quick way. within about 400 yards or more, I had passed nearly underneath it. At some point while getting closer the white light was obscured by its body. I could then make out a general shape of the UFO Sighting due to the absence of light haze, where the UFOs body was blocking ambient white light. Depending on observational error, I would say the UFO was hovering 45-60ft high and it was between 11-18 feet wide, like a flat stick of gum. I could not tell if it was completely rectangular or if it had rounded edges. It had two circles either on side that I could partially see sky through, sort of like drone blade holes. On either side of the middle but between the blade holes, there where two rows on each side of four red and four blue small lights that would fade and brighten. As I passed nearly under it, being in my car, I could no longer see it. I don't know if it simply moved to stay above me and left at some point but I was not able see it again. I did have weird cold feeling on my neck and head for a moment after (probably nerves from excitement). Just as a side note, I lived here for 25 years. within three miles, this would be second distinct and different aerial spotting within a year last on July 5th 2020. three if included yet another different but bewildering spotting of 24 years ago July or August 1996. I really don't spend much time looking at the sky either. The UFOs were just obviously out of place. mufon cms# 114084 Deerfield Ohio 3/09/21 Region has had 3,100 Reported UFO Sightings to date.

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