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UFO Alien News: An audio interview with former literary agent for John A. Keel, Sandra Martin shares many wonderful stories and memories of this legendary author. Dr. Greg Little reports on mystery booms and ground tremors going on over in Memphis, Tennessee.

Greg also shares details on an incredible and unique museum out in Golden, Missouri, that has awesome displays on Native American artifacts, military rifles, carnival glass, even baseball cards and so much more! Brent interviews Michael Grosso, Ph.D., on John Keel, his own UFO experience, and his thoughts and research into many high-strangeness matters.

Brent also interviewed Doug Skinner, a very close friend of Keel's, who shares many insightful and insider details and memories about the controversial author of "The Moth Man Prophecies." Dr. Raymond A. Keller ponders in his article "Disappearing UFO Experiencers" if Alien intelligence are responsible for some of the many unexplained disappearances that are reported worldwide.

In Brent's "Reality Checking" he describes some strange activity reported in Ohio up in close proximity to Moth Man country - wondering what it all means. In Classic Mysteries, Albert S. Rosales shares details on a case involving floating humanoid beings reported in Spain. In Encounters with the Unknown, Albert S. Rosales shares details on two picnickers in Texas who found their quiet lunch suddenly interrupted by a very strange and spooky looking "man" floating nearby.

Usually I have several books to review, but this month only one, but it's quite an awesome thought-provoking work - that's for sure! It's Real Magic by Dean Radin, Ph.D. Highly recommend it! In addition, we have assorted News Links for our readers to click on and check out, and archived materials going back years. If you're interested in unexplained phenomena and such, then we hope you'll get your fix with us! Go now to:

Native American Mounds
June 2018 Issue 243 Alternate Perceptions Audio Interview former friend and literary agent for John Keel Sandra Martin by: Brent Raynes Memphis Rocked by Mystery Booms & Shakes by: Dr. Greg Little The Golden Pioneer Museum in Golden, Missouri by: AP Magazine credit Reinerio Hernandez

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