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UFO News Today: The light of truth must be shined on this topic and understood by the average person around the world.With Alien UFO Contact: The Difficult Truth, the long-awaited first volume of what will eventually become a multi-book series, author/researcher/abductee Derek Tyler demonstrates that he is a powerful force to be reckoned with. Colon Mummaon writes, Drawing on a lifetime of hardcore research and personal experience private conversations with insiders and interviews with over three thousand abductees, Mr. Tyler has produced a manuscript which is unique original and compelling. He brings a fresh authoritative insight into the complex covert world that threatens not just this country, but all of humanity. I have read the major worlds on UFOs/aliens and had come to the conclusion, as has Dr. Jacques Vallee, a fellow researcher with Dr. Allen Hynek, that the grays are, as one of his classic book's title states Masters of Deceit. The grays are cloned beings who have an IQ of about 80 and are used to carry out the dirty work.His military contacts have also revealed that they are terrible pilots and are responsible for most of the crashed UFOs such as Roswell that have been recovered. The future implications of what started with Truman's establishment of Majestic 12 and has greatly expanded from the time of the Roswell incident is a threat to every citizen on this planet. Unfortunately power and money held by a very few due to the UFO topic is changing the USA and the world and the future.Alien UFO Contact The Difficult Truth

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