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Alien Grey UFO Sightings versus Pleiadian UFO Sightings Craft

Alien Gray UFO Sightings verses Pleidian UFO Sightings craft

If you ever have a UFO Sighting of a flying saucer that has a head, then it's more then likely to be of Pleiadian origins. Pleidians also have cigar-shaped mother-ships but are significantly shorter than Reptilian cigar-shaped mother-ships. (Reptilians and Ciakars from Alpha-Draconis)(Draconians)This is how to tell the difference from Grey's UFO flying saucers. Grey's UFO flying saucers are saucer/disc-shaped with no head. The top of the UFO craft is flat while Pleiadian's saucer ships have a head with lights or windows. The majority of these Pleiadian UFO spaceships are called "beam ships."They are named that way for beaming life into their craft. credit Michael Anthony Gonzalez

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