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Alien "gray monster" in my the kitchen Dania Beach Florida 12/23/16

Last night my son was watching TV in the living room while I was in the bedroom. He came and told me that he saw a Alien "gray monster" in the kitchen. The monster peeped through the bar area and looked at him as he sat on the couch. He was very afraid. He said the monster was gray in color and did not have a human face. The Alien entity did not speak and it was at that moment that he came to get me and tell me what he had encountered. I went to investigate but couldn't see anything of course. 

Recently, he has been experiencing blackouts. Yesterday in school he blacked out and ended up under the slide on the playground(he is 9). He doesn't know how he got there. He has also been seeing colors lately. Mainly red and blue. When he sees these colors he says he cannot control his body. Something takes over and it's like a split video screen in his head. We have been to the neurologist and they cannot find anything wrong. 
I am worried because he is seeing things inside the home more frequently and losing time that he cannot account for. He is afraid and now sleeps in my bedroom. 

He has always been a spiritual child and this isn't the first time he has encountered the Grey Alien beings. The previous time was during a Reiki session. Attached is a picture that I had him draw of the monster he encountered. I do not know what to do. mufon cms# 81128

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