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Air Force Reports UFO Sighting Contact 1952

A number of Navy cases exist in official records. New information recently released added to the understand of this incident. Brad Spark wrote an entry for Jerry Clark’s 3rd edition of the UFO Encyclopedia concerning this important Navy case during the Korean War. If this were an encounter with Soviet aircraft, then the Soviet were 10-15 years ahead of what we knew of them at the time. A possible control aircraft and up to 10 smaller aircraft made 70 non-firing passes, in the dark, at a Navy electronic intelligence gathering aircraft flying at 400 feet above the Sea of Japan over a distance of 490 miles. Some passes were under the Navy P2V-3W. The Project Blue Book Intelligence Report did not indicate any analysis by CIA, Navy, or the Air Force. Greenwood was able to find an incomplete set of 1st Marine Air Wing Weekly Combat Summaries. The 1st USMC Air Wing summaries distinguished between “unidentified aircraft” and UFOs and had a number of UFO Sightings reports from the Korean War area involving Navy and Marine aircraft. The new information contained in the in the 1st Air Wing Combat Summary updated the PBB information for this report. Since 1st Air Wing intelligence was passed to the CIA, there is a definite problem with CIA’s inability to answer the previous FOIA lawsuit properly. The CENTRAL Intelligence Agency, it seems, cannot locate such information CENTRALLY. It appears that some 1st Marine Air Wing UFO Sighting incident summaries were not in the PBB files. Research indicates that USMC radar site knew exactly where radar UFO Sighting cases should be reported in Korea. (USAF Air Technical Intelligence Liaison Office). This is one of my 25 most significant UFO Sighting cases. Spark updated the incident using the “new” 1st Marine Air Wing information. credit Jan Aldrich.


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