Air Base UFO incident of February 3, 1979

I just received some new information about the Soesterberg (Netherlands) Air Base UFO incident of February 3, 1979. I have written in my book Unidentified - The UFO Phenomenon" about the incident of witness Josie Zwinenberg on February 2, 1979 who saw an object up close not far from this base, a day before this fly-by.

This new information comes courtesy of a new report, including a recording of a radio broadcast where 10-12 witnesses were interviewed live. You can link to this new report here:
The report is in Dutch but Google will translate it to English.
The sketch I have drawn (front and underneath views) is based on the NOVOBO (Netherlands UFO investigation group) report of the incident.

Briefly, at about 5:45 a.m. this object was seen over the flight line by many Air Force witnesses. The base was also called Camp New Amsterdam by the U.S. Air Force unit stationed there in support of the NATO mission. As the object approached it had three bright white lights in front which were able to swivel and rotate. It had a bright red light toward the rear that shined a beam straight down. It was silent, except for a low hum, there was no visible means of propulsion, it flew about 30-50 mph and it was not seen on radar. The skin color was dull gray and with no visible joints or rivets. It made a couple of passes over the field and then left at high speed. It was investigated by a civilian group (NOVOBO) but there was no official Air Force or government investigation, even though there were nearly a dozen witnesses that spoke about it during the radio interview.

This base was the home of the 32nd Fighter Interceptor Squadron. At the time it had F-15 aircraft which were capable of delivering small nuclear bombs. Although, there is no official admission that nukes were on that base, it is clear from my analysis of the NATO mission that many of these bases, including Aviano, Italy, and Bentwaters, UK where similar UFO incidents occurred, also had nuclear weapons. source/credit Robert Salas

For more information on Josie UFO sighting see:…/ufo-waarneming-van-josie-zwinenbe…

Soesterberg AFB UFO Drawing 2_3_1979

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