Actor Russell Crowe UFO Alien Picture Sydney Harbor Fake?

Russell Crowe UFO Alien Picture Sydney Harbor

David Telfer UFO Alien Implant xray

When Russell Crowe released two pictures of a UFO he took from his home on Wooloomooloo wharf on Sydney harbor, he was criticized all over the world with people suggesting that he photographed a yacht sailing past his house. After seeing my first ET-Alien UFO craft from about 8 blocks away flying directly along the street adjacent to the wharf, I downloaded Russell's picture for a closer look. The first thing I noticed was the small Alien at bottom of 'beam me up light' then I seen the two clearly Alien beings and one human standing in the shadows. On 24th June 2014 I had a strange interaction with an Owl on the walkway at bottom right corner of b&w picture, before being taken by a UFO 10 hours later and returned with an implant in my right bicep. Included pictures of resulting bruise, rash & ultrasound image of implant. credit David Telfer

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