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A Pragmatic Scientist Grapples with the UFO Hostility Question

UFO News: The late Dr. James McDonald realized that several UFO Sighting close encounters had caused a negative impact on some UFO Sighting witnesses. UFOs had also, on many occasions, disabled the engines of automobiles and aircraft, thus creating potentially serious situations.Dr. James E. McDonald (1920-1971) was a leading member of the University of Arizona's Institute of Atmospheric Physics. His hypothesis that UFOs were extraterrestrial instruments on information gathering missions and his belief that the scientific reports of the time, including 1968's Condon Report, were superficially done led him to investigate sightings and to combat governmental impediments against his research.UFO Sightings Hostilities and the Evil Alien Agenda reprints a statement McDonald submitted to the House Committee on Science and Astronautics at the July 29, 1968, Symposium on Unidentified Flying Objects "UFOs"held at the Rayburn Building in Washington, D.C.A Pragmatic Scientist Grapples with the UFO Hostility Question

Dr. James McDonald UFO Sighting Encounters

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