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911 Audio Recording 1994 Michigan UFO Sightings Flap

Michigan 1994 911 audio UFO SightingListen to the 911 operator tapes describe 1994 Michigan UFO Sightings flap Posted by: Roger Marsh May 3, 2016  The Michigan UFO Flap of 1994 occurred in southeastern Ottawa County, near Holland, and involved as many as 300 witnesses. One good source for a summation of the events is UFOcasebook.com. Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Michigan Chief Investigator Daniel Snow worked Case 62470 which required reviewing the 1994 flap after one individual came forward reporting that they had premonitions about the events a year before they happened. This audio file is public domain and was filed as part of MUFON Case 62470 - and is recordings from 911 and the National Weather Service from this UFO flap.

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