40 Years Investigating UFO Sightings Retired Professor Speaks Out

UFO News Today: For 40 years Elmwood has celebrated UFO Days and approximately 40UFO sightings have been reported from the small town since the early 1970's. But to keep the younger generations in-the-know about Elmwood's past UFO sightings, retired professor and former UFO investigator Bill Johnson presents a talk on UFO Sightings.40 years and over 40 sightings: investigating UFO Sightings "It's always a glowing orange ball, it's always traveling alongside of the vehicle or hovering over the vehicle and then going straight up," Johnson said, "Although the first one that George told me about was a cigar shape, which is also common UFO shape."HUDSONSTAROBSERVER.COM

40 years and over 40 UFO sightings

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