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40 UFOs reported 11-29-19 over Truro Cathedral

UFO Sightings News: People in Truro have been left stunned by the UFO sighting of up to 40 strange lights moving high in the sky above the city and surrounding area this morning (Friday, November 29). Witnesses have told Cornwall Live they had never seen anything like it in their lives. Walter Dixon stood watching up to 40 UFO lights moving slowly across the sky alongside colleagues from Truro Prep School at Higher town in the city. Walter, who drives the school’s mini bus, said: It was bizarre. There was a whole line of them. We counted up to 15 and then stopped as it was hurting our necks! CORNWALL LIVE, November 29, 2019 There were up to 40 UFOs all in a perfect line at about satellite height. What really struck me was that every tenth light was doubled up with another one beside it. credit S.Agermose

40 UFOs reported over Truro Cathedral 11-29-19

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