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20 years ago Phoenix Arizona mass UFO Sightings continues today

phoenix UFO Sighting Light mystery

20 YEARS AGO: THE PHOENIX LIGHTS MYSTERY - Phoenix, Arizona. On the evening of March 13, 1997 thousands of people witness a UFO Sighting described as a "large triangular/V-shaped object" (as well as smaller triangular craft and unexplained lights) throughout the entire southern portion of the state of Arizona. Most notable of this famously-publicized UFO Sightings encounter flap is the mass sighting of a "presumably large UFO object" over the metropolitan city of Phoenix - which was witnessed (and also filmed) by a large portion of the populace. Dismissed by skeptics as misidentified military flares (a laughable claim to the many witnesses who swear that they saw a "structured vehicle"), the true nature of the UFO Lights Over Phoenix remains a mystery. This event is considered a landmark case in UFO history. credit Michael Huntington

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