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1987-88 UFO Sightings over Wytheville New Documentary

UFO News Today: A Radford filmmaker has resumed a project to revisit the 1987-88 UFO sightings in Wytheville."Kotz said Strange Country will approach the story from a unique angle. SWVA TODAY, July 27, 2018.Most of the time, UFO documentaries focus on the most outlandish aspects and are often marked by wild speculations or unfounded assumptions,Kotz told the Enterprise in 2012, when he first announced the UFO project.Instead, we are interested in the human story which is typically forgotten in these cases. What happened to the town and in particular, Danny Gordon, whose life was turned upside down by the ensuing attention and excitement?To help round out the film, Kotz is looking for more witnesses to tell their stories. Those who would like to participate can find him at the Wyva Con event held on the campus of Wytheville Community College this Saturday where Kotz will discuss the film and making movies in the middle of nowhere."Filmaker resumes work on Wytheville UFO documentary

Wytheville UFO Sighting Encounter

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