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1976 Cannon Airforce Base UFO Incident

UFO Sighting incident took place in 1976 over and around the Cannon Air-force Base which is located a few miles outside of Clovis New Mexico and was witnessed by a student of Journalism.
Bruce, who works for a major media outlet, witnessed the UFOs, and the jet aircraft that pursued them, and who was fortunate to capture one of these objects on film.

A little background on Bruce around the time the incident took place: Bruce was working in the news department at Channel 3, the PBS station in Portales, New Mexico. In addition to working at the PBS station he held a couple of part time jobs with two of the local radio stations as well.

At that time money was an issue due to Bruce being a college student. Working at the different media outlets it was giving him the experience he needed for his upcoming career in Journalism. One of the overnight jobs Bruce had was in Clovis, New Mexico at KMTY FM 99.1 which was at that time one of the 100 thousand watt radio stations in the country. Credit Brian Vike / & UFO Files Group. https://www.ufocasebook.com/1976cannonairforcebase.html

Air Force Jets Pursue UFO Silver Disk

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