12-13 UFOs were sighted from front yard around 9:00 pm Statesville NC

My husband was out side around 9 :00 PM Saturday night 6/18/16 and called for me to come to the front yard. When I came out I saw several round/ oval reddish orange yellow brightly colored UFOs flying lower than an airplane but no obvious wings or sound. As we watched there were 12 to 13 UFOs flying NW over fields in west Iredell county Statesville NC.We have never seen anything like this before.We tried to imagine what would look like these UFOs.We did consider hot air balloons but we live in area that has a lot of hot air balloons and these were not. They were not flying fast but were following one another in a NW direction. Finally there were no more as they flew out of sight. All this took about 15 minutes. My husband went into the house but I stayed a while longer to see if there were any more. When there was not I went back into the house too. I believe in extraterrestrial beings but this was the first time I have witnessed any thing that could be considered a UFO. There could be a plausible explanation and I hope there is. I did try to find out if anyone else reported seeing these colorful bright things but could not find such a report. Today I was telling friends about this experience and they just chuckled. That is when I decided to submit this report. They may think it is silly but I do not. MUFON CMS# 77147 UFO Sighting reported 6/18/16

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