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1 hour Vestavia Al. UFO sighting shape shifting reddish color craft

Oval Shape UFO Sighting Vestavia AL 2017

Looking at stars on 3/9/17 noticed slightly off color yellow/orange tint- distinctly different. Emitted a pulsating light and would go from a distinct star like dot to a chevron, went from pin point light to chevron changing with pulses to a fainter much less intense yet larger oval transparent light which would blip and fade away- but it kept coming back into view. I kept comparing it to the stars to convince my self it was different and it definitely was. The most interesting feature was the way it moved, it seemed to pulsate to the point it seemed as if it was shaking and it would distinctly move west to east, south to north, at times it would move in semi circles, then hover in a semi Circle or crescent. It would intensify to a dot and left right up down but stayed within the rectangular view of my iPhone 7+ on video. 

Oh yes- I have about 10 minutes or more of video and photos. The photos on the iPhone r shot in 3 second moving intervals. I got photo's of the intense dot, the larger vapor like semi transparent glow and I even got several vapor like streaks with the camera- something I did not see with my eyes, but the camera picked it up. This thing would appear, move about in eradicating movements, fade in, fade out, go from the intense dot to the larger semi transparent glowing circle or oval, etc. This went on from about 3:30 am to 4:10 or so. I kept using my camera flash to flash light toward it hoping it would come down in altitude but it did not. I hope I can post my pics and video, if not I'll post to UTUBE under Vestavia Alabama UFO 3-2017

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