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UFO Sighting reported Red/Orange UFOs flying in São Paulo Brazil that ejected other UFOs

UFO Sighting Orbs Sao Paulo Brazil

I was in a coworker's house near Vila Madalena metro station. The house is an apartment on the last floors of a building, so it has a wide view to west, northwest and north regions of the city (this is approximate) and to some mountains that surround the city. For what i can remember, between 9h30pm and 11h00pm the event occurred and it consisted of various circular UFOs/orbs/lights with star-like appearance but with different glow and color (I was standing in a balcony). The duration of the event was about half an hour. The UFOs were red/orange lights. I first sighted these UFOs by looking at west/northwest, more properly to Pico do Jaraguá and the mountains in that region. They seemed to appear behind the mountains and did what appeared a constant flight (with small or no change of direction) from approximately northwest direction to west, above the city . So, from my position, their movement was apparently from the mountains to what appeared to be the regions of Vila Pirituba, Vila Jaguara, Osasco (so, i was well over a mile from the event). They moved to this part of town, always in the air, and some stopped in the air (I guess hovering), and suddenly they started to eject/dropping other star-like lights of the same colors (I can't tell if the size was the same) in the direction of the ground (with vertical movement). They fell with faster speed than the "main" UFOs that ejected them were flying with, and their number was approximately 3/4 per "main" UFO. I can´t tell with accurate precision the number of UFOs/orbs/lights involved, but it seemed to be over 10. They clearly were not airplanes or helicopters, because of the direction of flying and the site of the two city airports, there was no noise coming from them and there were no flashing lights as happens with airplanes and helicopters. For what I can remember I did lose sight of the "main" UFOs when they came to the mountains; in other words they did the opposite trajectory. In relation to those that were ejected, after they disappeared in ground (I guess) I didn't saw them again. Beyond the event, what impressed me the most was the fact that seems that only I saw these strange but fascinating happenings, because I was not alone at the time. Maybe the other people were distracted talking to each other, I can't find other reason. I just watched the events with curiosity and attention (no fear) and said nothing to anyone, I just waited for someone else to speak. But apparently I was the only one to see, so I did not had any comment with any of the people I was with about what I had seen. mufon cms# 81081

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