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UFO Sighting approaches me from direction of mountains Albuquerque NM

Black UFO Sighting with white lights NYUFO

UFO Sighting was a solid, black equilateral with 4 arms on each side. The arms were made up of connected circles that all met at a larger circle in the very center. I can compare the color of the black closest to being matte, it had no sheen. It was just dense blackness that I wouldn't even consider truly matte but it's the closest comparison I can make. I was outside on my friend's balcony with 2 of our other friends. The three others went inside and I chose to stay outside for a minute, no particular reason why. I stand and face towards the Sandia Mountains where I see this UFO. This UFO Sighting comes completely out of nowhere and I'm entranced by it. UFO moves towards me with its arms moving in a fluid up-and-down motion and in sync. At the point it was so close that in seconds it could've been in arm's reach, I, without thought, slowly turn my head towards my house to the left (directly across the street) of me, stare, turn back, and the UFO is gone. The only possible explanation would be a hallucination, although I know I was fine. I did not personally choose to look directly at my house. I was not scared at all and experienced zero fear during or after. I would consider it a long interaction for it having been so personal. If it were reported and people had seen this UFO there would be a crisis and I don't know why I was the only one who saw it. mufon cms#86935 UFO Sighting occurred over Albuquerque New Mexico on May 11th 2008.

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