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Stargazing on balcony when approached by Boomerang Shaped UFO 10-15-17 CA.

Boomerang UFO Sighting Reported 10-15-17 San Clemente CA

UFO Sighting occurred on Oct 15 2017 over San Clemente CA: I was on the balcony of my two story small condo complex at around 1:30 AM with my dog. I was stargazing and trying to spot constellations for around eight or so minutes when I began to get existential and think about Aliens and other Extraterrestrial life. I was looking around and I began to think about how some people are called out to look at the night sky at random times and see craft. 10 seconds after I had thought this I had seen this Dark UFO craft which was coming in a straight path right at me. I believe the UFO Sighting was Boomerang Shaped because of the lights on the bottom. The form of the UFO was hard to distinguish and almost seemed to be dimmed, fogged or blurry, yet there was no cloud or fog cover. The UFO craft was large and moved from the tree line of my neighbors house in the east, towards me in the west, making a low humming, almost jet-like noise. UFO hovered over my house, probably 250 feet above me. I was paralyzed with fear. UFO was dark and I didn't bother seeing what my dog was doing. I could feel my pulse in my ears and I began to shake. I quickly decided I needed to go inside. My dog seemed distracted and I yanked her inside my bedroom. I went onto my bed and began to call my friends to describe my UFO Sighting encounter and receive some comfort. I have no idea where the UFO went after this. That night I was feeling as though it was surreal, due to its fogged appearance and how it appeared after I had began to think about UFOs and that maybe I had hallucinated. I doubt this because I wasn't tired, on any medical or Halucinagenic drugs and the fact I was scared. mufon cms# 87348

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