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Silvery White UFO Sighting over Green Valley Arizona

White ORB UFO over Green Valley Arizona

I was driving on a street in Green Valley, AZ. 3/7/17 I noticed a silvery white UFO in the sky to the North East (I was headed in that direction. I observed it for about 30 seconds, it appeared to be stationary from my perspective. I first thought it could be an airplane traveling away from me, but it wasn't diminishing in size, Then I thought it might be a helicopter, but it didn't really look like the right shape. The closest thing it resembled would possibly be a model drone, in which case it would have been much closer than it appeared to be. My estimation would be that the UFO Sighting was 10-20 miles away. The main reason I think this object may have been a real UFO was because it literally vanished into thin air as I was watching it. It was clearly visible one second, then completely gone the next. I am a skeptic, but I couldn't identify the UFO Sighting, it was clearly flying, or hovering in the sky, and it vanished in a clear blue sky. I'm reporting this event, just in case anyone else might have observed this UFO, unfortunately, I have no video or pictures. Hopefully someone else might have seen it. mufon cms# 82545 

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