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Is this video proof of UFO sightings in Exmouth UK?

UFO Sightings Exmouth UK Sept.2016

More unexplained UFO Sightings in the sky have been reported in Exmouth. A mother and daughter from Exeter Road, Exmouth, have been left baffled after recently having a UFO Sighting. "Me, my friend and my mum went rushing outside and the light stood still for two minutes. We thought it was a plane until we saw that it wasn't moving. It was making no noise, and as it eventually got closer I saw five lights spinning and it was a diamond shape. We were thinking that it was a drone at one point, but really could not explain it. I ran off screaming!" exeterexpressandecho.co.uk Exe-Files: Is this video proof of UFO sightings in Exmouth? credit Frank Stalter

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