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Initial 22 minute UFO Sighting before it disappeared 5 minutes later reappeared ST.Johns Arizona 8/26/16

ufo sightings saucer photo

We live off-grid in Apache County in AZ, approximately 10 miles from the New Mexico border, outside St Johns, AZ and often go out at night to view the black skies of AZ which are outstanding! My husband was outside and first saw the UFO and called me, and our daughter, to view this "UFO" Our daughter's first UFO sighting. My husband had seen one very close while working in Denver years ago. And, I have seen at least 30 in my life. One within 30'. After we agreed it appeared to be a "UFO" and not an airplane nor helicopter, he went inside and brought out his binoculars and we took turns looking through them watching it over the tree line for almost 45 minutes, it disappearing suddenly for about 5 minutes, then coming back, much lower to the horizon and we finally decided to come inside as I wanted to make this report while it was fresh in my mind. Standing at the SW corner of our home, facing west, stretching my arms like a clock, the Dacona Power Plant was at 10 o'clock, the UFO at 12 o'clock, the first part of the sighting was a thumb and a half above the horizon, the second appearance about 3/4 thumb above the horizon. Our daughter felt impelled to draw what she saw through the binoculars when we stopped watching it and it resembled an atom - one circle red, the other white, the third blue, rotating constantly. MUFON CMS# 78721

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