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​Hudson Valley's NY UFO Sighting Phenomena

Exploring the Bizarre's (KCORradio.com) Tim Beckley and Tim Swartz question DR BRUCE CORNET about the ongoing UFO Sighting flap in the Hudson and Wallkill River Valley, in particular in and around Pine Bush, NY. His new book "Unconventional Aerial Phenomena" is based upon 11 years of field research in the area, which involved the photographing and videotaping of as many as 140 UFO Sightings many of which put on deliberate performances for Cornet's camera. The images are said to reveal electromagnet plasma, and gravity altering properties unknown for declassified or disclosed human-built aircraft. Many of the ships,  Cornet says disguise themselves as "ordinary" aircraft, as if they were coming in for a landing. They also change shape in front of witnesses. The initial waves was first noted by Ellen Crystal and is described in "UFOs Deja Vu" and "UFO Repeaters," edited by Tim Beckley. Cornet had been hired towork for Bob Bigalow at the Skinwalker Ranch before it was closed down. http://www.bufod.co.uk/b_cornet/index...

%u200BHudson Valleys NY UFO Sighting Phenomena


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