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Bright white spherical or blimp shaped UFO slowly ascended New York 11/17/16

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I observed a bright white spherical or blimp shaped UFO slowly ascend near a single cloud in otherwise blue sky at a fairly slow speed. The UFO caught my attention because while it appeared to be far away it was clearly not a typical aircraft with wings or tail. It appeared to ascend slowly for a couple of seconds from the position where I started watching it moving maybe a couple of degrees. It then changed direction and speed rather abruptly and then moved west (left as I was watching it from south of its position) at very high speed. There were a number of planes in the area but the UFO appeared to be moving maybe 10x faster from a near stationary position. When it flew west it moved very smoothly and at high speed. Until it changed direction and moved west I thought maybe it was a balloon. As it moved west I was really focused on it and it was definitely not a bird or anything else with wings. The whole event lasted somewhere between 5 and 10 seconds. In researching this I've seen a similar report in the same area on the same day. mufon cms# 80503

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