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UFO Sightings off the coast of Australia CE-5 Video

The Making Contact Team spent a rainy but insightful night with the Tuggerah UFO Group, as the coast of Australia has long been a hot spot for UFO sightings. We also revisited CSETI Australia, for more consciousness Mentorship with Brother Rameka Chin. Ra has dedicated his life and light to being of…

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Air Force Reports UFO Sighting Contact 1952

A number of Navy cases exist in official records. New information recently released added to the understand of this incident. Brad Spark wrote an entry for Jerry Clark’s 3rd edition of the UFO Encyclopedia concerning this important Navy case during the Korean War. If this were an encounter with S…

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Helicopter chase UFO over condominium in Naugatuck CT

I went outside with my dog. It was sunny with few clouds. The time was 17:30. I heard a helicopter, and looked up. A white helicopter with two rotors was going overhead. The helicopter was very low; I would estimate 150 feet off the ground. There were no markings on the helicopter. As I looked at th…

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US Navy New UFO Sighting Guidelines 2019

You've probably seen mentions in the press of the news that the U.S. Navy is redefining how personnel should report UFO sightings. The story can be traced to an article published on the US news website POLITICO (politico.com). The article, written by Bryan Bender and published on the 23rd April (see…

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UFO Alien News Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program

To The Stars Academy's program and the releases by the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program are a necessary part of the process of opening up our planet to higher levels of Contact. Here is a blog of mine from October 16, 2017 on this subject. “What Tom Delonge and company are saying in a…

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UFO Alien Artifacts Recovered From Fallen Craft

With a new focus on physical proof via the scientific study of known UFO crash artifacts, Jacques Vallee has been organizing isotopic and elemental analysis of evidence. Some of the samples Vallee had tested were found to be outside of the terrestrial norm, and so pure in their form that they appear…

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James McDonald explains UFO debunking

"James Edward McDonald (May 7, 1920 – June 13, 1971) was an American physicist. He is best known for his research regarding UFOs. McDonald was senior physicist at the Institute for Atmospheric Physics and professor in the Department of Meteorology, University of Arizona, Tucson.
McDonald campai…

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UFO Disclosure

NYUFO.com believes there are many intentional UFO Sightings forgeries. Other physical evidence such as falling debris from the sky or crashed UFOs have turned out also to be terrestrial in nature and forgeries. From mistaken terrestrial phenomena to personal gain to misleading the facts of UFO Sight…

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Brazilian UFO Disclosure 2019

UFO CONGRESS, April 16, 2019. 

The UFO Congress footage is from 2011, but was released by UFO Congress yesterday.

"A.J. Gevaerd - The Brazilian UFO Disclosure 2019

Brazil made headlines recently when their government announced that it will begin collecting UFO Sighting reports. Gevaerd …

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Bright stationary UFO Sighting over Muncie IN. reported

My mother had claimed to see a bright, blinking UFO several nights in a row at the same time outside the back windows of her apartment (to the west/south west). I figured it was a star or a plane, because there is an airport nearby and bright blinking stars and planes head in that direction (west) c…

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UFO Sightings Code Name Charlie Red-star

Charlie Red-star was a name given to some UFO Sightings that were sighted across Manitoba in 1975-1976, many of the Sightings were near the town of Carman, Manitoba Canada. They was described as a red fireballs, sometimes stationary and sometimes speeding off rapidly, and similar fireballs were al…

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Beyond UFOs Video

UFO News Today: Joseph Burkes, MD, is a board certified specialist in internal medicine. He is coauthor of the chapter titled "Medical Healing's Reported by UAP Contact Experience: An Analysis of the FREE Data" in the anthology Beyond UFOs: The Science of Consciousness and Contact with Non Human Int…

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Biggest UFO Sighting Story of 2019 Video

UFO Sightings News Today: UFO SIGHTING Near Point Beach Nuclear Plant.  

This short film explores witness testimony and video evidence for possibly the biggest UFO Sighting story of 2019. Stunning enhanced HD UFO Sighting footage, 8-bit granular audio analysis, dramatic recreation and the voice…

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Case of Interest UFO Sightings & Telepathy

UFO News Today: Telepathy is reported in the context of UFO sightings and close encounters, as well as in Near Death Experiences, and sometimes in sightings of cryptids, as well as in other paranormal experiences. It is a "contact modality" and perhaps the key to understanding much of what science d…

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Chevron UFO Sighting reported Lake Zurich IL

Large flying UFO Sighting with red light behind and front of the UFO heard a emitting low pitch mechanical sound.

Night of April 1, 2019, around 11:58 pm ending no later than April 2, 12:02 am. I was traveling North bound (NW) on Old McHenry Rd in Lake Zurich, IL, past Twin Orchard Country Club on …

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UFO News Today: We are in an era of tightening censorship and deplatforming of ideas that are unwelcome to the corporations and power elite at the top of our social and political hierarchy. At the same time, the UFO subject continues to slip out, more and more, into our public discourse. What is the…

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UFO Sighting Activities in Space Video

UFO Sighting News Today: As long as we have been in space, we have had UFO Sightings. As humanity inevitably moves more and more into this realm, space-based UFOs will only become more important to acknowledge and understand. Meanwhile, there is a tremendous amount of history in this arena to discus…

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