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40 Years Investigating UFO Sightings Retired Professor Speaks Out

UFO News Today: For 40 years Elmwood has celebrated UFO Days and approximately 40UFO sightings have been reported from the small town since the early 1970's. But to keep the younger generations in-the-know about Elmwood's past UFO sightings, retired professor and former UFO investigator Bill Johns…

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Photographer's Journey Through Heart of UFO Sightings Country

UFO News Today: From Area 51 to Roswell, a believer's-eye view of the desert.Ridicule is pockmarked throughout the entire phenomenon,says Greg Eghigian, a historian at Penn State University and author of multiple research papers on the history of UFO sightings and alien contact. But he sees a deep…

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Northwestern Ontario's UFO Sightings Encounter Documentary needs you!

UFO News Today: Strange lights in the sky. Metallic discs hovering over a power plant during a blackout. Even three-foot-tall cat people in the trees."The UFO Sightings documentary is currently in its early stages the goal is to have it completed by the fall and the search is on for more eyewit…

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Austin Texas close-up photo of a Octagon Shaped UFO Sighting

MUFON UFO Sighting Ringed shaped 7/27/18

 UFO Sighting was said to be Spinning, Hovering, moving fast over Austin Texas on July 27,2018.This UFO Sighting was photographed in sky observed over two week period. Special thanks to mufon.com for this UFO Sighting report.

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1987-88 UFO Sightings over Wytheville New Documentary

UFO News Today: A Radford filmmaker has resumed a project to revisit the 1987-88 UFO sightings in Wytheville."Kotz said Strange Country will approach the story from a unique angle. SWVA TODAY, July 27, 2018.Most of the time, UFO documentaries focus on the most outlandish aspects and are often m…

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The Decline in UFO Sightings Reports Continue

SYRACUSE NEW TIMES, July 27, 2018.Now Cheryl Costa reports MUFON data, too."The June 5 New York Skies article Close encounters with UFOs are getting harder to find discussed the falloff in UFO sighting reports in the United States during the early months of 2018 but only featured National UFO Re…

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U.S. Air Force Documented UFO Sightings 1948 Encounter Report

UFO News Today: The government explained the rapidly maneuvering UFO lights as a weather balloon. Experts say there are holes to that theory. When a U.S. Fighter Pilot Got into a Dogfight with a UFO  I've never seen anything like it,Gorman told a local newspaper following the October 1, 19…

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Latest UFO Sighting Video 7/13/18 over Las Vegas

Reports have been circulating for years of Morphing UFO Sightings. UFOs changing shape in flight. Is this phenomena real or just the imagination or perception of the viewer of such events? I find this question to be complex as too the over all understanding of the UFO Sightings phenomena. Within my …

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Punta Arenas Chile Disk Shape UFO Sighting reported

Punta Arenas Chile Disk Shape UFO Sighting reported July 2018

Sudden appearance of spherical UFO Sighting at high altitude with accompanying large sonic boom and sharp turn south to the Antarctic At 11:43 am in the Island of Tierra del Fuego I was working with two others and another two using a percussion drill heard a large boom like sound, the guys with …

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Latest UFO Sightings reported 7/17/18 Mercer Island WA

Latest UFO Sightings over Mercer Island WA 7/17/18

Two moving UFOs in sky 30 seconds apart from each other, suddenly stopped, moved around in a pattern and flash off into sky.At Luther Burbank park having a night swim, observed what we thought was a satellite traveling very quickly across the night sky. It suddenly stopped, moved to an almost in…

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Eleven White Star like UFOs blinking flashing 40+ minutes Vancouver Canada

Vancouver Canada 7/15/18 several UFO Sightings reported

I was sitting on the bleachers at a Powwow In North Vancouver watching the Dancers, I was facing the South East. I saw an eagle flying in the distance across from me, I kept following it with my eyes to see if it was indeed an eagle and it flew almost overhead and as I turned my head I saw behin…

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UFO Alien Abduction caught on video

The original version of this 1997 UFO Alien Lake County abduction video which first aired on National Television station UPN  has been reproduced several times creating different versions and scenario's from it's original tape. After careful frame by frame analyze of the original McPherson UF…

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Vietnam Era UFO Sightings Government Programs

UFO News: Our Friend Paul Dean on "his personal studies pertaining to the recent Pentagon UFO program" and "the research he and his associates have conducted over the years" on "the existence of two Vietnam War-era UFO Sightings projects code named “Have Fear” and “Lethal Chaser.” During the confl…

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UFO Sightings Reported over Washington State Continues

"And the mystery of UFO Sightings in the Pacific Northwest continues today. According to a study by 24/7 Wall St., Oregon ranked second in the US for most reported UFO sightings per 100,00 people from 2001-2015. Washington ranked third. The only state with more reported sightings per 100,000 peop…

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Ancient Mexico Land of the UFO Alien Gods

UFO Alien Mexican Temple Gods

UFO News: Ancient Mexico has long been shrouded in mystery as to who inspired the Great Stone Temples & Pyramids found scattered throughout the Meso American landscape. Their has always been a believe that their must have been an extraterrestrial component to the planning of such massive stone T…

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Latest UFO Sighting reported two oddly lit UFOs over Owasso OK

Saw something kinda weird last night 7/11/18. I really enjoy sitting on my back porch on warm clear nights and just watch the sky. To me it's much better than TV. I watch for satellites (21 last night, a record) and meteors (only two but...) I see lots of airplanes as well. Of course you can tell th…

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UFO News: "HISTORY upcoming new drama series Project Blue Book is based on the true, top-secret investigations into Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) and related phenomena conducted by the United States Air Force from 1952 to 1969.

Dr. J. Allen Hynek (Aidan Gillen), a brilliant yet underapp…

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UFO Sightings Direct Contact Video

UFO Sightings are captured on video from six different locations across the United States in the month of July 2018. 

Large Manta Ray shaped UFO Sighting frozen on a 45 degree angle

with 7 large white pyramid patterned circles on the bottom of the UFO. It was around 2:00 AM- 2:30 AM on July 11, 2018 in Grand Rapids, we were driving home from a get together in the Rockford area, we got lost and took a common road home called 52nd Street and as we were driving in the countryside,…

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Latest UFO Sighting Translucent Sphere Observed for Two Hours Oregon

Time Duration of the UFO sighting was 2 hrs. 15 min . Viewed through a telescope UFO Sighting appeared to be a translucent white sphere shaped ball on with striation marks on it like that of a water melon. The bottom was flat and contained a rectangular shaped area that was centered directly below i…

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