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Contact in the Desert UFO Sighting Encounters from FBI CIA NASA

ABC NEWS CHANNEL 3 , CBS LOCAL 2, June 3, 2018. It was an out-of-this world experience in Indian Wells as thousands flocked to the city for what organizers say is the world's largest UFO expo. Contact in the Desert explores the unknown in the Coachella Valley  "The UFO event included speake…

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UFO Sightings Remote Viewing and spiritual mediums discussed at special conference

By George Knapp, June 6, 2018. "Take a 2004 UFO Sighting encounter between U.S. Navy pilots and a so-called Tic-Tac UFO off the coast of California. The UFO incident has emerged as one of the best-documented UFO Sighting encounters of all time. Since the video went public late last year, the P…

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NASA Make's Major Announcement June 6 2018 About Life On The Red Planet

Breaking: NASA To Make A Major Announcement On Thursday About Life On The Red Planet. What Has NASA Found On Mars? Space Agency To Make A Major Announcement On Thursday About Life On The Red Planet NASA will hold a press conference to reveal its latest findings from Mars this week. Few details …

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Alternate Perceptions UFO Experience Archival Newsletter

UFO Alien News: An audio interview with former literary agent for John A. Keel, Sandra Martin shares many wonderful stories and memories of this legendary author. Dr. Greg Little reports on mystery booms and ground tremors going on over in Memphis, Tennessee.

Greg also shares details on an…

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Famous 1952 Washington UFO Sighting Photograph

Washington DC 1952 UFO Sighting Photo

During the dawn of Ufology in the United States, unidentified flying objects "UFOs" made themselves known to the leaders of the free world in 1952, buzzing over the White House, the Capitol building, and the Pentagon. Seemingly the unknown objects "UFOs' were defying the very governmental agenc…

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UFO Sighting 1954 Photo Australia

Australia 1954 UFO Sighting photograph

1954 Australia UFO Sighting photograph this very compelling photograph of a clearly defined round UFO with top and antenna was taken by sheep farmer W. C. Hall in 1954. If you look real closely, you might see another unknown UFO in the distance just above a mountain. An excellent photo, and for…

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Bright White light covered surface UFO moving very slowly towards northwest FL

At approximately 10 pm, 5/27/18, my wife and I departed a relative’s residence in San Antonio, FL, to return to our home 6 miles to the east in Dade City, FL. As I stepped out I noticed what I thought was a very bright star, brighter than any other stars in the night sky. I commented how bright it w…

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UFO Sightings On Two Consecutive Nights Multiple Witnesses Myrtle Beach SC.

North Myrtle Beach UFO Sightings 5_31_18

Bright fast moving UFO light off coast in alternating patterns on 5/31/18. Sitting on front porch of oceanfront beach house, three of us watched the same UFO ping across the sky and then horizon. UFO Sighting went dark for several minutes. Initially, thought it might be a flare, but was able to…

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Black Diamond UFO Sighting over Toluca Mexico on Video

Chile's Radio Santiago posted a UFO News item concerning an unidentified object "UFO" with a curious configuration, featured in a video reportedly taken in the Mexican city of Toluca. The text - kindly provided to us by Planeta UFO - reads as follows: "We were sent this record from the city of Toluc…

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Roswell UFO Crash Revisited Colonel Phillip J. Corso

UFO News today: Colonel Phillip Corso, Sr. was an Army intelligence officer who served on Eisenhower's National Security Council. After his 21 year military career he served as a military analyst. Colonel Corso personally saw deceased extraterrestrials from the Roswell crash in 1947 and a UFO craft …

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