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Cylinder UFO Video captured over Germany must see!

Latest UFO Sighting of a large Cylinder UFO captured on video over Germany. 


UFO News ET Ships commingling with Iridium-35

UFO News In the morning of February 9th, 2018, I got up early in an attempt to make a video of the satellite "Iridium-35" which was expected to produce a small flare during its pass as predicted by my satellite tracking software. For the technical folks interested in the matter, Satellites and the…

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UFO Data Shows Florida least likely place to have a UFO Sighting

Silver Disk Shape UFO Photo

According to Casino.org Florida is the state with the lowest odds of Sighting a UFO at 3485-to-1. States like Vermont and Wyoming have the best odds of Sighting a UFO, at 205-to-1 and 250-to-1, based off of population data. Other states in the lowest odds category with Florida are, Texas and …

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Latest UFO Sighting Video May 27 2018 over Melbourne Australia

UFO Sighting Video May 27th 2018 Melbourne Australia filmed by Peter Maxwell Slattery. Peter's experiences with Extra-terrestrials has led him to help people and groups make ET contact themselves, along with healing and tapping into their own abilities. He is also the co-founder of ECETI (Enli…

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UFO Sighting experience Why Me?

"Why me?" is a question that many UFO experience individuals ask. It has been said that we are dealing with an intelligence that can access our consciousness, as readily as we access light, by turning on a wall switch.

The intelligence behind the "UFO Sighting" flying saucer phenomenon has ext…

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UFOs and the Media: Disinformation or Disclosure?

An EXCELLENT talk by Rich Dolan concerning the overview of the past and current coverage of the UFO subject in the media. Rich Dolan holds no punches. Well done. Good points made here. A must watch. Listen until the very end.

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Why would UFO Intelligence “hoax” shooting star displays?

Reflections on The Virtual Experience Hypothesis. Joseph Burkes MD 2018

UFO Sightings Shooting Stars

UFO News May 2018: In the course of fieldwork sky-watchers have observed bizarre visual displays of what appear to be shooting stars. These UFO sightings are anomalous because ordinary meteors do not change direction in…

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UFO Sighting Formation over Toronto, Ontario, Canada Multiple Witnesses

UFO Sighting Formation reported by a couple with young child, videos were taken from two different I-phones. UFO Sighting occurred at 7:00 pm on May 13, 2018, right outside the Toronto Zoo in Toronto, Ontario, Canada during daylight.The couple and a young child had just enjoyed a nice day visiting t…

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What is it about New Hampshire that makes it a UFO Sighting magnet?

"Remember, New Hampshire was the site of one of the country's most well-known alien abduction story. Betty and Barney Hill claimed not only did they see an extraterrestrial UFO Sighting in 1961 but also said its crew brought them on board. The couple were on their way home to Portsmouth fr…

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Mother Earth & The UFO Subculture

"Mother Earth" She is alive. She is awake and despite our profligate ways she loves us.

Earth has endured cataclysms far worse than humanities destructiveness and she has emerged more bountiful than ever. Our profligate ways threaten the existence of modern civilization, but not our planet's …

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UFO News: "The recently declassified documents contain Soviet era reports detailing many cases of possible USO/UFO Sighting encounters. Former naval officer and Russian UFO researcher Vladimir Azhazha believes these documents are of great value. One of the most interesting cases he examined involve…

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Government's supposed connection with 'UFO Sightings' for decades

UFO News: Check out this great article in The Drive about all the current events.

“The documents were first discovered by George Knapp's I-Team, part of Las Vegas CBS affiliate Channel 8 News, which has been investigating the government's supposed connection with 'UFO Sightings' for deca…

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Two Separate Cigar Shaped UFO Sightings reported 12 hrs apart

Cigar Shaped UFO Sightings reported 5/8/18

Two separate UFO Sightings of a Cigar Shaped UFO reported on 5/8/18: Warsaw Poland time 5:45 PM:Motionless cigar shaped UFO Sighting disappearing in 2 seconds.I observed today an unidentified object "UFO" in the sky - about 5:45 PM (GMT+1), returning from work by bicycle I noticed in the sky shi…

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Two Multicolored UFO Sightings reported 5/8/18 over Gloucester MA

Latest UFO Sighting reported 5/8/18 A bright UFO sphere appeared over Annisquam River and pulsed many colors in rapid succession. I was driving home to Gloucester, MA from Salem, MA, tonight, May 8th, about 8:15 pm on route 128 (highway). As I got to about exit 15, I noticed a very bright round UFO …

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UFO Sightings Intrigue UK's Real X-Files

UFO News Update from FOX NEWS, May 8, 2018.All our historic files which refer to UFOs have either been released, or are in the process of being released to The National Archives,explained the Ministry of Defense in a statement emailed to Fox News. The Ministry of Defense continues to have no…

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UFO Sighting reported Green Sphere over Pilot Rock Oregon

Green UFO Sighting reported 4/30/18 Pilot Rock OR

Green UFO Sighting reported traveling west to east over Pilot Rock Oregon

My Husband and I had went into the backyard and my Husband asked me to look at an UFO in the sky. I saw a green sphere racing across the sky. Looking south the UFO Sighting was moving right to left approximately 40 degr…

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Is Corporate America participating in UFO Alien Disclosure

UFO Alien

It looks like corporate America is participating in the gradual UFO disclosure of the reality of "UFOs" flying saucers. This 2-minute Hulu video discusses the challenges that intelligent life forms might have in trying to blast rockets off heavy exo-planets called super Earths.After a prosaic di…

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Multiple UFO Sightings on different days reported 5/3/18 Russellville AR

Multiple UFO Sightings reported 5/3/18 Russellville AR

Multiple UFO Sightings at least once a week for the past 5 months or so, usually hovering above the Skyline hills. I usually have these UFO Sightings on a smoke break at my job. One occurrence was a bright green UFO moving above the mountain, stopped, changed to a red light, then dipped down bel…

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Man Recalls UFO Sighting Abduction 4/28/18 Ipswich UK/England

UFO Sighting Abduction reported 4/28/18: Last night I had a similar UFO Sighting event that I had on On the 04/04/2017.The weather was raining and I sleep with a small bedroom window open. I heard a dull humming sound coming from outside and got out of bed to look out of the window. Seeing some ligh…

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Reflective UFOs At Low Altitude Over Johnson City Tennessee

UFO Sighting reported 4/29/18 Johnson City TN

UFO Sighting occurred on April 29,2018: My wife & kids and I were traveling roughly North on State of Franklin Road going toward Sam’s Club. My wife and I were sitting in the front of the vehicle, so we were the first to notice flashes of light (reflections) coming from 3 (possibly 4) UFOs t…

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