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Strange UFO Sighting caught on video Torrington CT

UFO Sighting occurred on April 23, 2018 over Torrington CT. I am an amateur Astronomer who takes photos out my window. I was trying to get some photos of Jupiter before I would have to leave for work at 9:30 pm. As I was setting up my scope, I saw a solid red UFO fly by from left to right (north t…

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Hugh Donut Shaped UFO Sighting reported 4/22/18 Naples FL

UFO Sighting Disk reported Naples FL 4_22_18

This UFO is currently visible in the night sky of Naples Florida, directly over the Rookery on Collier Blvd State Hwy 41 over the Gulf waters. UFO was first spotted on Tuesday the 17th to the north of the bright moon slice. The UFO is as bright as the moon. Two smaller UFOs shot out from below. …

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Hovering UFO Sighting moved very quite & fast Prestonsburg KY

Disk Shape UFO Sighting reported Prestonsburg KY 4/14/18

UFO Sighting occurred on April 14,2018 Prestonsburg KY. My son called me as I was coming home at approximately 10 pm eastern time. It was very dark and cloudy, Stars where not visible. My son was very distraught, yelling that he had seen something and I needed to get home. I informed him that I wa…

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New UFO Documentary files and the testimony of vetted military eyewitnesses

The content of this documentary has massive implications for our entire planet. Deemed too controversial for TV, it is unlike many of the UFO “documentaries” found on network television nowadays, which contain far more speculation than fact, this film rigorously examines the officially-still-hidden …

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Bill Nye attempts to debunk Bob Jacobs' UFO Sighting claim

Bill Nye attempts to debunk Bob Jacobs UFO Sighting claim
UFO News April 24th 2018: Professor Jacobs is a professor at Bradley University where e instructs and advises radio/television majors. He holds a PhD in Dramatic art and graduated from University of California Santa Barbara. In the 1960's he was in the Air Force. He was the officer in charge…

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UFO Sightings Activity over Military Installations

U.S. Senator Harry Reid Pentagon UFO Program
UFO News April 23,2018: "During an interview with KLAS-TV investigative reporter George Knapp, former U.S. Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) acknowledged that among the UFO Sightings cases scrutinized by the newly-revealed Pentagon UFO project were those involving UFO incursi…

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Pentagon UFO Project could contain secret information Britain's Roswell

Top Secret UFO Alien Disclosre 2018
DAILY STAR SUNDAY, April 22, 2018

A PENTAGON top-secret project investigating UFO reports could have groundbreaking information...  Pentagon UFO project could have SECRET info that solves Britain’s ROSWELL  "The former MOD expert [Nick Pope] said: “When…

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Reddish Orange UFO over rural southern Manitoba 4/16/18

Cigar Shaped UFO Sighting reported 4/16/18 Canada

Traveling down a country road at night when we saw an reddish-orange light in the north east direction, hovering above the tree-line of a distant farm property, roughly 2 kilometers from our vehicle or our vantage point. I first thought the UFO Sighting was a helicopter but realized it appeared …

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UFO Sighting reported small white sphere that could descend to ground level in seconds

UFO Sighting reported 4/8/18 white disk Fort Collins

UFO Sighting occurred on 4/8/18 Fort Collins CO:  A small white sphere that could descend to ground level in seconds where at which time it would begin to glow red and not white. I was the only witness to this event and therefor can only give information about myself. I am thirty-nine years old …

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Daytime UFO Sighting flying saucer that was in between its cloaking phase Plano IL

UFO Sighting report 3-17-10 Disk Shape UFO Plano IL

On March 17, 2010, at approximately 11:32 AM, I was going out to get lunch for my wife and son. I walked out to my car which was parked in our driveway. As I started backing up I looked out of my driver’s side window after only backing up a few feet or so. I saw a very strange object. It was mov…

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UFO News The Government's UFO Disclosure Plan 2018

UFO News: Many think the government is about to disclose what it knows about UFOs. Others believe the government is doing everything in its power to keep the UFO reality a secret. The truth is that those who control the UFO secret are doing neither. The secret-keepers are gradually disclosing this…

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UFO Sighting Reported 4/12/18 Glowing Sphere over Palm Springs FL

UFO Sighting White Glowing Sphere Palm Springs FL 4/12/18

On April 12, 2018, I witnessed a UFO Sighting of a glowing white lighted sphere, about 40 ft in width, a distance of about 2 miles away from where I was siting, flying in a south easterly direction at about 1500 ft. The UFO Sighting appeared to be single glowing light and had no colored blinking l…

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Starks ME US 7-15-55 Three Disk Shape UFOs photographed

Starks ME US 7-15-55 three disk shape UFOs photographed

Old photos of three Disk Shaped UFOs very detailed but black and white. This UFO photo was taken on July 15th 1955 of a rural area of Starks ME U.S.  source mufon

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CIA Document Alien UFO turns Russian Soldiers into stone

CIA Document UFO Aliens
UFO Alien News: According to a declassified CIA report, a troop of Russian soldiers who managed to shoot down a UFO were turned into STONE by surviving aliens. The declassified report is available at the official website of the CIA.

Yup, and it's not an excerpt from an upcomin…

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Buzz Aldrin and 3 Astronauts passed lie detector tests over Alien UFO encounters

Buzz Aldrin have passed lie detector tests over Alien UFO encounters

UFO News: Moon  Walker Buzz Aldrin and 3 other astronauts have passed lie detector tests over claims they experienced Alien UFO encounters. All four astronauts taking part passed the test, carried out using the latest technology. Buzz Aldrin, Al Worden, Edgar Mit…

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Dr Steven Greer suggests Stanford "Alien" Atacama Cover Up

ATACAMA Chili Alien Mummy photo

UFO Alien News: On March 22nd, a report was released all over the Mainstream Media about "Ata", the 6-inch mummified humanoid "Alien" discovered in Chile's Atacama Desert and featured in Dr Steven Greer's 2013 film, Sirius. The new report, published by Stanford University geneticist, Dr Garry …

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Looks like UFO Sightings are going mainstream

A former Pentagon official who led a recently revealed government program to research potential UFOs said Monday evening that he believes there is evidence…
DAILYMOTION.COM credit a.Barron

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UFO News Spacing Out TRENZ Video Interview

TRENZ, April 6, 2018.

UFO News: SPACING OUT!, # 14. UFO Video interview.

"Frank Kimbler, a geology and earth science teacher at the New Mexico Military Institute, spends considerable time searching the area of the alleged UFO crash near Roswell, New Mexico. This professor and geologist has r…

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Latest UFO Sighting reported Rust Colored Saucer Albuquerque NM

Disk Shape UFO Sighting report New Mexico 4/4/18

Large rust-colored UFO saucer vanishes after geometrical shape surrounds the UFO.

At 7:08 AM on April 4, 2018, while heading directly Westbound on Spain Road at the intersection of Spain Road and Eubank Blvd NE in Albuquerque, NM, I noticed a large, rust-colored UFO saucer in the sky. 


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Metallic Triangle UFO Sighting reported moving fast no vapor trail

metallic triangle shaped UFO sighting reported 3-25-18

EL Cajon CA. 3/25/18. I was in my backyard and looked up to the sky when I heard a passenger airliner flying overhead, I soon noticed a very light gray in color Triangle shaped UFO moving quite quickly in a south direction. There was no sign of a vapor any kind of trail following it as one would…

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