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San Jose CA. Sphere UFO Sighting report 3-26-18

On March 26, 2018 @ approximately 0:01 PMT, a single UFO Sighting crosses sky over San Jose, CA USA, then explodes.

On March 26, 2018, about 1 minute after midnight a very loud explosion was heard & felt in the southern portion of San Jose, CA (Robertsville area ). UFO Video was taken by …

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Red Orange Light UFO reported 3-26-18 Charlton MA

Red Orange Light UFO reported 3-26-18 Charlton MA

Bright red/orange perfectly round UFO Sighting reported slowly moving UFO moved east to west. No trail. 
Looking north toward the lights of Worcester, MA, no stars were visible only the moon. A perfectly round, very bright, reddish orange UFO appeared from the east moving west. It was slow and …

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UFO Hovered 200 ft over us 3/25/18 Spokane WA

Hovering UFO Sighting report Spokane WA 3-25-18

The UFO Sighting started out appearing like a bright star or planet. Something seemed odd about it. UFO was stationary for about five mins then it moved straight down, and we knew it was not a star. We drove towards this UFO to get a better look. At that point the UFO seemed to start following…

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Tom Delonge UFOs SEKRET MACHINES Feature Film


The SEKRET MACHINES Feature Film (PART 1) has officially launched and on its way to greatness. I’d like to introduce our screen writer, Eric Kirsten, who just days ago finished the 1st script from our Historical-Fiction Motion Picture Franchise, Sekret Machines. This film will depict real UFO

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Helicopter Chases UFO over Castle Rock WA

Military Helicopter chase UFO Sighting Castle Rock WA

Late on the night of the 14th of March, I heard a helicopter make several passes over my home. Something that's not very common where I live in rural WA. Being a bit of a sky watcher, I go outside each time I hear the helicopter fly overhead. I can't see anything out of the ordinary with the hel…

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Two UFOs caught on video during Military Rescue Mission

Two UFOs caught on video flying past military helicopter on rescue mission
DAILY RECORD March 25, 2018

"Jason Gleave, 46, who has studied the film using the latest computer technology, believes the UFOsare not drones or seagulls.The former RAF man, from Liverpool, said: "Upon analyzing the footage the twin UFOs pass to the rear of the heli…

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Triangle UFO Sighting Blueish-Green lights on the perimeter Ohio River

UFO Sighting Black Triangle Steubenville Ohio 3/2018

Triangle shaped UFO Sighting, blueish-green lights on the perimeter 3/19/18. Flew over Ohio River and made the water move but no sound. 

My Two son's (12 & 9) and I were driving home from our local mall last night approx. around 8:37 p.m.. My oldest son, who was sitting in the back seat, say…

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UFO sighting of a dark elliptical craft on Dec. 16, 1953

UFO Sighting drawing Kelly Johnson 1953


"Without question one of the most credible UFO sightings of all times is the UFO sighting of a dark elliptical craft on Dec. 16, 1953 by one of the world’s leading aircraft engineers, Clarence Leonard “Kelly” Johnson, who designed the U-2 spy plane for the …

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Stanton Friedman Retires 50 yrs UFOlogy

Stanton Friedman Retires UFOlogy 2018

Open Minds UFO Radio: After more than 50 years of researching and publicly speaking about UFOs, former nuclear physicist Stanton Friedman is doing his victory lap. After a historic career conducting over 700 lectures, writing six books, and countless media interviews, Stanton is retiring from Ufol…

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UFO Sightings Documenting The Evidence Military Police UFO encounter

UFOs Documenting The Evidence

A little-known 1973 UFO Sighting case involving the US Army. This UFO Sighting encounter occurred near Savannah, Georgia, at the big old Hunter Army Airfield. The 298th Military Police Company were guarding the base (which was almost inactive) at the time. On September the 8th two MP's (…

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MSN NEWS UFO Sighting reported Australian Film Crew 2018

MSN UFO NEWS, March 14, 2018

Fascinating TV report and footage, caught by an Australian film crew. Wikipedia: "Kaikoura is a town on the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand. It is located on State Highway 1,180 km north of Christchurch.""Journalist Quentin Fogarty said they were transfi…

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Rooftop UFO Sighting of Strange Object in Trujillo Peru

Rooftop UFO Sighting of Strange Object in Trujillo Peru 2018

On the one hand there are those who state it is a drone or some similar device. On the other, we have those who are certain that it is a UFO.

You will notice that in spite of being daytime, the UFO Sighting is readily identifiable. Furthermore, it has an intense reddish glow. source http://i…

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FOX NEWS Military UFO Sighting Radar Video March 11, 2018

Correction: TTS put out two videos last year 2017

"The "UFO" video was shot off the East Coast in 2015. To the Stars Academy did not say how it obtained the declassified footage, but said others could obtain it through a Freedom of Information Act request.

Three videos showing similar in…

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Huge linear spot lights blinking on side of UFO Sighting Colorado City CO

Colorado City CO 3-1-18 Large UFO Lights

UFO Sighting seemed linear in shape, huge spot lights going down side, lights would appear then go off and re-appear in different area Colorado City CO 3/1/18. Very large UFO Sighting and no noise coming from if. It flew right over my house then hovered in the valley north of my house. It was …

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15 amber colored UFO lights flew in formation Twin Falls Idaho

UFO Flying Orbs

After just turning eastbound on Idaho 74 from Mt. Olympus Way on March 6th 2018, I witnessed an awesome display of fourteen or fifteen diamond shaped "UFO" lights. The "UFO" lights were amber in color and were slowly rising into the night sky, climbing out over the fields, heading towards the so…

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UFO Highway the 37th Parallel

UFO Sightings Highway 37th Parallel
Brother and sister UFO Sightings hunter team discover 37th parallel Books have been written about it. Television shows and movies bring the lights and bright pictures to the…OMGNEWS.TODAY  Sibling UFO Hunters Discover The UFO Highway 37th Parallel - OMG News Today  credit Fabian …

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Government Documents Reveal Canadian Obsession with UFO Sightings

Canadian Government UFO Sightings Documents 1967

"A collection of Canadian UFO documents from 1967 found in the national archives give us a hint into just how seriously the government used to take UFO sightings.

The documents outline how the Canadian government investigated UFOs a process that most likely lasted for years afterwards and …

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Apollo Luna Missions collected rocks and other geological samples

Apollo Luna Missions
"Samples were intentionally saved for a time when technology and instrumentation had advanced to the point that we could maximize the scientific return on these unique samples," said Ryan Zeigler, Apollo sample curator, and Manager of the Astro-materials Acquisition and Curat…

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Mysterious UFO Sighting of a TR-3B video

Mysterious UFO Sighting of TR-3B

Moving from left to right, the UFO Sighting appears to be flying backwards. As the video zooms in on this UFO phenomenon, it seems to reveal a triangular-shaped craft "UFO", with three lights on each point. The footage was uploaded to YouTube channel UFO Today and has quickly gained populari…

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How The Government Secretly Track's UFOs


UFO News March 2018:"According to unclassified UFO documents, the government quietly spent nearly $22 million over about four years on a project dubbed the Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP). Stuff  They Don't Want You To Know wanted to find out more and invited ufologist J…

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