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A Christmas Angelic View of UFO Sightings

UFO News Today:  UFO Sightings continue to be sighted in unusually large numbers indicating the world is under scrutiny by watchers, guardians, angels, extraterrestrials, or whoever they are. UFO Sighting Research has indicated there are several groups of UFO Aliens visiting Earth with different …

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The Star-drive Report Dr. Jack Sarfatti Physics 'Tic Tac' UFO Video

UFO News Today: This UFO video is about new physics discoveries on how UFOs like the "Tic Tac' are able to fly using very small amounts of energy. We discuss the political and military ramifications of this disruptive technological surprise in the light of Trump's replacement of General Mattis by Pa…

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Trump's Space Force strong evidence of UFO Alien visitors

THE WASHINGTON TIMES, December 24, 2018.

"Conspiracy theorists see Trump's Space Force as strong evidence of UFO Alien visitors"

"Jan C. Harzan, executive director of the Mutual UFO Network, or MUFON, which has been investigating UFO sightings since 1969, noted the Air Force’s unmanned X-37B s…

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UFO Sightings in Fact Fiction & Folklore Book

UFO News Today: Did you know Tesla believed he had intercepted radio signals from Mars in 1899? How do you tell the difference between real UFO Sightings and the ones that are just rumor and legend? Why do people assume "UFO" always means "alien spaceship"? How did one of the least convincing UFO c…

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Black Boomerang UFO Sighting Poughkeepsie New York

UFO NEWS TODAY: "They would later estimate the UFO Sighting to be “the size of a baseball field”. And was between 500 and 1,000 feet from the ground. UFO Sighting would hover, in complete silence, for around a minute. As they watched, an orb appeared on the right “wing”. At first, it simply rema…

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UFO News Today Producer of New Project Blue Book Movie


"In this episode, we discuss how David was able to get the show produced, his interest in the UFO topic, and his thoughts about the real-life UFO Sightings cases portrayed in the series. We also discuss how to balance the fiction with the facts while trying to ente…

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Black UFO Sighting Videotaped over Utica, New York

MUFON submitter 96854 has uploaded a UFO Sighting video which might be of interest to our readers. The UFO Sighting video was taken in Utica, New York on December 6, 2018. It is a short clip, but worth a look. We see what appears to be a black UFO Sighting in an oval form moving from right to left.…

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Jacques Vallee Implications of UFO Sighting Phenomena

UFO News Today: Unlike Richard Dolan, who has never researched the Experienc Contact Phenomenon, Dr. Jacques Valle has in fact researched hundreds of not thousand of UFO Sighting related contact experience. He is considered one of the few top scientists that has research this field and has 100% cr…

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Can We Believe Government Employees for UFO Information?

UFO News Today: We should all be careful when citing the exclamations of government employees. Even people who were legitimately placed in the Government, can be horrible sources of UFO information. Enter Paul Hellyer. Mr. Hellyer is always introduced as "former Canadian Defense Minister who has…

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Latest UFO Disk Sighting Hovering over my house

St. George WV. 12/11/18 I walked out to grab some stuff out of car when all of a sudden I hear this sorta loud rustle/wind sound. When I looked around I noticed it was above me. I looked up and saw a disk like UFO hovering above my house. UFO had a slight rock back and forth. UFO was dark but i…

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Latest UFO Sighting reported from Black Hills SD

Between 17 and 20 orange UFO orbs drifted toward the Black Hills. Originally, I counted seventeen orange UFO orbs that appeared to drift up from the southeast. From where I stood, it looked like these UFOs climbed up into the night sky way off to the south towards Custer State Park. I watched as th…

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Latest UFO Sighting reported Yuma Arizona 2018

Black Triangle UFO Sighting was floating in same area for several minutes, then disappeared. This Black UFO was moving around in same area appearing around dark clouds for several minutes. It seemed to be a kite at first and I walked directly underneath it because I thought it was a kite flapping in…

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UFO Whistle Blower suffers harassment from devious Government Operatives

UFO News Today: A young, brilliant, largely self-taught, science nerd lands a job at a secret military base in the Nevada desert, known as Area 51. It is at this remote facility where he participates in a top secret program tasked with reverse-engineering exotic technology from captured Alien Spacec…

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Academic Studies of UFO Sightings Given at Duke University

"Halperin’s 1996 course covered the abduction story of Barney and Betty Hill, a class assignment to read and discuss Whitley Strieber’s Communion, and student research and presentations on, among other topics, the “X-Files” TV series, alien contact and different aspects of the UFOs’ impact o…

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North Baffin Island UFO Sighting reported Nov 2018

"Pilots have reported the UFO sighting of an "unidentified flying object" on Nov. 24, 2018 as they flew from Iqaluit to the Mary River mine in north Baffin Island. The pilots were flying a Nolinor Aviation Boeing 737-200 jet, and reported that the UFO sighting took place at about 8:30 p.m. local tim…

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Triangle UFO reported Nov 28 2018 over Columbia MO

Sky was clear enough I could see stars and even 2 planes higher in the sky. I also saw a hawk or owl fly by moments before so I had a good reference point of looking.. I was at a school tossing Frisbee with my dog  then very faint at first I see this triangle UFO or more like V over head like 200 …

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Latest UFO Sighting reported over Sparks NV

On Nov 29 2018 formation of three saucer shaped UFOs were reported traveling from south to north over Sparks NV.  Stepped onto the back porch last evening, noticed three saucer-shaped UFOs traveling from south to north. These UFO things were at some distance from me, two to three miles, at appro…

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