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Silver Colored Saucer Shaped UFO Sighting reported 9-11-17 WA US

Silver Colored Saucer Shaped UFO Sighting reported WA US 9-11-17

UFO Sighting report reads as follows: I was stargazing [in a rural community in the approximate middle of mason county] at about 8:45PM, in a northerly direction, when in the eastern sky at about 40 degrees elevation above the horizon, I noticed an UFO Sighting in the sky moving at a relatively …

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Glowing Egg Shaped UFO Sighting with Flashing Lights Reported

Elliptical UFO Sightings over Billings Montana 9-7-17

UFO Sighting reported 9/7/2017 over west end Billings, MT, at 10:00 P.M. until 11:00 P.M. UFO was egg shaped, glowing grey-blue, with flashing lights (red, blue, green). UFO had ring of small white lights around circumference in 3 bands. UFO hovered in place for close to 30 minutes, then slowly …

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Philly Airport UFO Sighting reported at least Ten Glowing Hovering UFOs

thirteen bright unidentified flying objects reported Prospect Park PA 9_9_17

UFO Sighting report reads as follows: My husband and 2 kids were driving home after a Saturday family outing on interstate 95 just south of Philadelphia (1 exit from the airport) heading north. Once we reached an area where there are 4 lanes and a lake to our left, we saw approx. 8-13 unfamiliar…

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Westminster CA U.S. Occupied Four Dimensional UFO Sighting in bedroom

Westminster CA U.S. UFO Sighting in my room see report

UFO Sighting occurred on Jan 1st 1980: I was awoken from sleep and saw a ufo slowly floating just beneath the ceiling, alongside the wall. It looked like it was made of etheric yet brilliant transparent white light, and this UFO was very complex in structure. It reminded me of an upside down cha…

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Strange UFO Lights reported 9-5-17 over Alexandria VA

UFO Lights over Alexandria VA 9-5-17

Flashing lights from a "UFO" craft in an irregular patten, sometimes retracting to other areas, over Alexandria VA on 9/5/17. I was just laying in bed on my phone, when I was alerted by bright flashing lights in the sky. I have lived in the DC area for a long time, and know the behavior and appe…

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Silent Black Triangle UFO With Lights Flying Across Sky

Black Triangle UFO reported over Whitehall PA 9-1-17

A little after 5 am 9/1/17 I witnessed a silent Black Triangle UFO flying across the sky over my house. The sky was very clear and I noticed a bright light in the western sky that at first I thought was a star but it seemed too big and bright and yellowish instead of white. It did not seem to be…

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Elk Groove CA Physic Calling UFO Sightings 2017

Elk Groove CA Physic Calling UFO Sightings 2017

It happened on 9/5/2017. Time: 7:46 p.m. My wife "DJS" has the psychic power to uncloak. Let me explain. Time after time, she has proven to me that she can feel a UFO "Unidentified Flying Object" or even a Portal in the sky and take a photo and the UFO will appear in the photo. In one photo, she…

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Captain of Airline Reports UFO Sighting over Wyoming U.S.

Airline Pilot reports UFO Sighting 2017

I was the Captain of a flight operating from Cancun Mexico to Calgary Canada. (Want's to Report UFO Sighting) It was a quiet night and skies were clear as we overflew the Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado area. As we were flying northwest at 36000 feet we noticed a strange UFO light off into the distanc…

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Glowing and Non-Glowing disc shaped UFOs Sighted hovering over Mexico City Photo

Mexico City UFO Sighting Bright Lights Reported 7-23-17

During our stay in Mexico City my girlfriend and I visited the Templo Mayor site and museum. We did not see anything strange that day in the skies of Mexico City. When we returned home from our vacation I downloaded from my girlfriend's I-phone pictures she had taken at mentioned site. While revie…

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It Never Happened, Volume 1: U.S. Air Force 1966 UFO Sighting Cover-up

It Never Happened USAF UFO Sighting Coverup Book

The book, “It Never Happened, Volume 1,“ is a riveting and amazing account of U.S. Air Force cover-up of the “UFO Sighting question.” It is authored by retired Air Force Captain David Schindele who was a former Minuteman ICBM launch control officer stationed at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota…

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Hovering Bowling Ball like UFO Sighting 9-1-17 Bethpage New York

hovering bowling ball like UFO Sighting Bethpage New York 9-1-17

UFO Sighting Report: I went to a diner in Bethpage, Ny,. I went with 2 others, they entered diner, I stayed outside for a couple of minutes, when I saw the UFO on my left side in the sky. Thought was a plane or chopper, but I observed a Bowling Ball shaped UFO kind of hovering or moving slowly appro…

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UFO Sighting Reported 9/1/17 Morphing UFO over Germantown MI U.S.

UFO Sighting Saucer reported Germantown WI 9117

UFO Sighting Report: My girlfriend and I were at Walmart, in Germantown, Wisconsin, She was inside shopping and I was in the car with our dog. I happened to look up and I saw this "box-like" UFO thing in the sky. UFO Sighting flew out of the Northeast to the Northwest, as it moved along UFO changed …

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UFO Sighting 9-1-17 Tethered Spheres very low over the city video

UFO Sighting tethered white spheres over city reported 9-1-17

I was working at the table when I saw a strange UFO outside the window moving at a speed of a hundred kilometers per hour. I managed to turn on the camera and decided to record the video, there was not time for the pictures, although they had more resolution. The focal length of the lens is 90 m…

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