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Ouija Board UFO Alien Contact Made

Ouija board contact alien ufos

Bret Colin Sheppard‎ // Ilona Podhrázská

“Ouija board sessions.” According to Vance Davis, the Ouija board put the six soldiers in touch with an entity that named herself Safire, and others. Also this use of a Ouija board was taught at Fort Mead. Vance told me on the phone that it wa…

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Close UFO Encounters about 5% of Worldwide UFO Sightings are real

UFO Sightings reports 2017 logo

“According to an official statement by Belgian General Wilfried de Brouwer, one of the UFOs increased its speed from 240 kilometers an hour to 1,770 in a matter of just two seconds,” Tarek noted. “Only about 5 percent of all UFO sightings worldwide can be termed UFO sightings because the…

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Disk Shape UFO sighting reported 8-1-17 Piscataway NJ

Disk Shape UFO sighting reported 8-1-17 Piscataway NJ

Fast moving UFO craft seen on clear day in sky

I was driving home from work on a local road near old Camp Kilmer in Edison, when I noticed a fast moving UFO Sighting high in the sky. The time was approximately 5:40 p.m., the weather was sunny and the sky had large, fluffy clouds. The UFO mov…

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Spike in latest UFO Sightings reported 2017 over Connecticut

4-D Saucer shape UFO Sightings 2016

"Flew extremely low overhead," wrote the reporter."Silent UFO craft, absolutely no noise. Single red/pink light on UFO craft. Moved from East to West. Passed over my dad's house & the neighbor's house across the street while releasing 4 small red balls of light that turned & disappeared before h…

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Watching ISS app and 2 UFOs were seen for a minute photo

ISS Space Station UFO SIghting 8-3-17

UFO Sighting report: I was watching tv this morning and noticed they were showing photos from the ISS and I thought I would have a look myself on an app on my iPhone and when I opened live camera image there were two UFOs and at first I thought camera reflection. I decided to take photos in that…

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UFO sighting 7-31-17 UFO hovered over cattle scared cat no noise at all bright lights La Salle CO

UFO sightings Drawing Dome shape craft La Salle CO 7-31-17

UFO Sighting report: When I first had the UFO Sighting I was in my bed reading a book, until my cat hissed at something outside. I looked out my bedroom window and she ran away when I saw a dome of light coming toward me, it flashed and vanished. But in about a minute it was back and coming towa…

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UFO Sighting Bright Geometric Arrowhead Shaped Craft Flying over Tacoma WA

Bright Geometric Arrowhead Shaped Object Flying over Tacoma WA

UFO Sighting Eyewitness report: It was a very clear night. I was on the 11th street bridge, watching the night sky, I began walking down Dock Street towards the Museum of Glass, when I saw a bright White/Blue light. The UFO Sighting looked to be like two triangles of light connected and waved si…

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