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Silver Oval UFO hovering over clouds UFO changed from solid to translucent NY

silver oval UFO Sighting hovering over the clouds

While on a Delta Airlines flight from NY to Fort Lauderdale flying over the Norther Atlantic Ocean, flying at approximately 29,000 feet, Jan 2, 2017 several passengers and I observed a silver oval UFO hovering over the clouds. The UFO changed from solid to translucent. I took several photographs…

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Weird UFO Sighting March 2017 over Pembrokeshire Oil Refinery GB

Pembrokeshire Oil Refinery UFO Sighting March 2017

I was out the back yard with my dog when two UFOs appeared. They hovered over the oil refinery for approx 30 minutes then vanished. One UFO was large and had a weird shape to it and the 2nd smaller UFO was like a saucer with flashing lights. The larger UFO has pulsating red, blue, green and whit…

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Head to the High Desert for the Best UFO Sightings

Head to the High Desert for the Best UFO Sightings

What people don’t know is that when they come to Joshua Tree, and this area, it sits in a very auspicious position of the earth. It sits on the 33rd North parallel and so does Roswell. If you do the research behind the 33rd North parallel, you find the energy has the most UFO…

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Cash Landrum 1980 Close Encounter UFO Sighting Incident video

Cash Landrum 1980 Close Encounter UFO Sighting Incident

One Of the Most Important UFO Cases in History the Cash Landrum 1980 Close Encounter UFO Sighting Incident. The UFO object, intensely bright and a dull metallic silver, was shaped like a huge upright diamond, about the size of the Dayton water tower, with its top and bottom cut off so that they …

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UFO Sightings over Ancient Egypt Tulli Papyrus goes viral

Reported UFO Sightings over ancient Egypt

The Tulli Papyrus is an oft-cited document of questionable origins that some have interpreted as evidence of ancient Egypt UFO Sightings of Flying Saucers. The content seems to revolve around "circles of fire" that flew through the sky on two separate occasions, separated by a few days. credi…

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The April 7,1967 Opa-Locka Miami Mass UFO Sighting

Opa-Locka Miami Mass UFO Sighting April 7 1967

Opa-Locka (Miami), Florida. On the morning of April 7, 1967 over 200 students and staff at Crestview Elementary School in Opa-Locka, Florida (a city located in Miami-Dade) observed a UFO silver/metallic oval-shaped "flying saucer" in the sky behind the school during recess. Witnesses, a number o…

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INVISIBLE UFOs How do you detect one?

Invisible UFO Sightings

The 405 Freeway in LA is one of the busiest highways on the planet. It cuts through the Santa Monica Mountains like a knife through butter. It’s a science fiction driving experience there with 11 other lanes of traffic around you. My friend Paul is an experiencer that has been my volunteer writi…

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Native Americans have no fear of UFO ET Star People why?

Alien UFO Star People

“The Star people brought spiritual teachings and stories and maps of the cosmos and they offered these freely. They were kind, loving and set a great example. When they left us, my people say there was a loneliness like no other.” Native Americans Have No Fear Of UFO Aliens. Here's Why De…

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UFO Sightings Video caught in the Southern Valley of Las Vegas 2017

Steven Barone caught this UFO Video in the Southern Valley of Las Vegas and a pair of UFOs caught over in Henderson near the River Mountain Water Treatment Facility. Steven shot this video from his backyard in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of April 4, 2017.

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UFO Sighting report Sphere UFO w/3 white pulsating lights shape shifting Brookfield IL

Brooksville IL UFO Sighting photo April 2017

I was returning home at around 4:15 am, from getting some coffee. I got out of my car in my driveway, and saw a bright, pulsing, white UFO light, in the sky to the south. I went inside and got my infrared binoculars and filmed it. Couldn't really see what it was until I went frame by frame, whil…

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Recent UFO Sighting report Something weird is going on at Fort Campbell TN

UFO Sightings over Fort Campbell TN April 2017

 Okay. So, about a month ago, I saw a single UFO disc (like a slightly-flattened football; glowing and translucent) make a very rapid landing in the vicinity of Fort Campbell. I reported this UFO Sighting on MUFON as well. Tonight, while looking out my kitchen window, I saw two UFOs, also transl…

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Latest UFO Sighting reported witness advised 8-9 pill shaped UFOs hovering over Summitville Indiana

pill shaped UFO sighting Summitville Indiana 4_2017

Witness father contacted MUFON investigator advising there were 8 or 9 pill shaped UFO Sighting over the city of Summitville Indiana at approx. 10 p.m., UFOs were white in color hovering over the city. Actual witness took cell phone photos. Cell phone was effected by the event and kept rebooting…

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Latest UFO Sighting reported Red Vertical lights with whitish center vertical light Riverside CA

Riverside CA Red White UFO Sighting reported 3_31_17

Girlfriend and I went outside for a cigarette. I was looking south when I noticed what first to be a helicopter. I then realized it was too close and I could not hear the typical rotor sound and it did not have blinking safety lights. It was completely still and silent then moved from right to l…

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I have been having 4 to 5 UFO Sightings every night since 2/24/17 Kingston TN

Knoxville TN UFO Sighting Eyewitness report

I arrived in Knoxville on Feb. 24, 2017 and was staying at my family home in a rural area. The UFO Sightings started appearing between 11:30 pm and midnight. When I began to see their lights, I would flash my Torch Flashlight at them and they would start moving around. Sometimes they would slowl…

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