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UFO Sighting Reported Brown Cylinder shaped craft 4-27-17 Gambrills MD

UFO Sighting Brown Cylinder shaped UFO Gambrills MD 4-27-17

UFO Sighting took place between 7:35-7:40 am, on the morning of April 27, 2017, as I was driving north on I-97 approximately halfway between Annapolis and the MD-32/MD-3 exit, I saw a long, reddish-brown, pencil-shaped cylindrical UFO that appeared to have been “launched,” and was ascending slow…

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UFO Sighting signaling light sequences communication encounter Asheville N.C

UFO Sighting Two UFO Blue Orbs signaling light sequences Asheville N.C

In early February I watched the documentary "Man cursed with Seeing UFOs" starring Christo Roppolo. I could not get it out of my mind how in the movie he used prime number signaling to summon craft and intelligent entities. I thought this was so far fetched yet instinctively knew that there was in…

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UFO Sighting Flying Saucer Leaving Contrail photo Newton Abbot GB 9-23-16

UFO Sighting Flying Saucer Leaving Contrail photo Newton Abbot GB 9-23-16

I was sky watching when I spotted what at first I thought was a plane, but when I zoomed in on the UFO I had quite a shock. I could clearly see that the UFO was in fact a flying saucer that was leaving a contrail as it moved across the Sky. I quickly took a photograph of the flying saucer before…

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UFO Sighting From Another Dimension Palm Coast FL 3-14-14

UFO Sighting From Another Dimension Palm Coast FL 3-14-14

Me and 2 close room mates were all at home and decided to go walk to where one alleged to be a spot where he would frequently witness odd things occur at. It was only a few streets away in a typical township neighborhood. I highly doubted his words and just decided to go on the walk for good hea…

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Egg Shaped UFO Sighting With Pulsing Light Great Brittan 2015

Egg Shaped UFO Sighting With Pulsing Light 12-24-15 GB

I was sky watching when I sighted an egg shaped UFO that was quite low in the sky. The egg shaped UFO was moving fast at first but then slowed right down giving me enough time and the opportunity to take a photograph. The UFO did not seem to care if it was seen or photographed. The egg shaped UF…

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Strange UFO Sighting Translucent Sphere With Thruster's England

UFO Sighting Translucent Orb Newton Abbot G.B 2017

It was a beautiful day and the sky was clear blue so I decided to go out sky watching. I set up my camera on a tripod and sat looking west. Before I knew it an hour had past. I just sat there scanning the sky for anything out of the ordinary when I noticed something strange and out of place very…

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While recently traveling the Missouri hills and roads the Huntington's made a detour to find (and take a bunch of photos of) the October 8, 1978 Sturgell Farm UFO Sightings Encounter location near Cato, Missouri. This notable multiple witness Close Encounter of the Second Kind Landing Trace Case…

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Apollo 11 Astronauts had several UFO Sightings on the moon in 1969


"We debated whether or not to tell the ground we had spotted something, and decided against it. Our reason was simple: The UFO people would descend on the message in hordes, setting off another rash of UFO Sightings back on earth. We concluded it was most likely on of the panels. Its course ap…

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South Hill April 21,1967 UFO Sighting landing encounter

South Hill UFO Sighting Landing Encounter 1967

There was a burst of white flame spewing out of the bottom of the UFO thing and it was like having about a thousand flash bulbs going off in your face. 50 years later, South Hill UFO Sighting landing remains unexplained Friday, April 21, 2017, will mark the 50th anniversary of the world-famou…

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POLICE CHASE A UFO! - April 17th, 1966 Portage County Ohio

The Portage County UFO Chase

The Portage County UFO Chase! County Sheriff Officers Dale Spaur and Wilbur "Barney" Neff - from Ravenna, Ohio - pursue a strange flying saucer for 85 miles across the state and into Pennsylvania. This famous UFO incident was the primary inspiration for the UFO/police chase scene in Spielberg's …

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Falcon Lake UFO Encounter 50th Anniversary Weekend

Next month marks the 50th anniversary of the Falcon Lake UFO Encounter by Stefan Michalak (a.k.a. the Falcon Lake Incident). It endures as Canada’s most documented UFO case, as well as one of the most compelling and remarkable UFO cases of all time, anywhere.

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MUFON asked to investigate Orangeville UFO Sighting 2017

Orangeville Canada UFO Sightings reports 2017

NEWS Apr 12, 2017 by Chris Halliday Orangeville Banner UFO Sighting

According to a report of a UFO sighting received by MUFON, an unidentified person saw a “silent camouflage aircraft” above the skies of Orangeville at about 9 p.m. on March 28.

(Giacomo Carena — Flickr photo) - Giac…

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Cape Girardeau Flying Saucer UFO Crash 1941

Cape Girardeau, Missouri. The April 12, 1941 Cape Girardeau crash/retrieval story (the reported crash actually having occurred most nearest to Chaffee and Rockview, Missouri) mirrors other similar "alien visitation" stories that have surfaced over the decades (such as Roswell), but predates them…

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The Kecksburg UFO Sighting Incident Dec.9,1965

Kecksburg PA UFO Crash Site map

The Kecksburg UFO Sighting incident occurred on December 9, 1965, at Kecksburg Pennsylvania. A large brilliant fireball was seen by thousands in at least six U.S. states and Ontario Canada.  It streaked over the Detroit Michigan Windsor Canada area reportedly dropped hot metal debris ove…

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The Hynek Scale UFO Sightings Encounter Classification System

UFO Sightings protocol
Also called the Close Encounter classification system, the Hynek scale is named after American astronomer and ufologist J. Allen Hynek. The classification was first introduced in his 1972 book  The UFO Experience: A Scientific Inquiry (available here in PDF)

Nocturnal Ligh…

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UFO Sighting Over Seoul Korea see photo

Seoul Korea UFO Sighting Photo

Dear. Mr. investigator (MUFON)
It is really glad that I am writing a UFO Sighting report about my resent findings. Last Wednesday, 12th April, one of the our professional photographers took several series of continuous shooting, while taking a promotional poster of our newly launched drama of K…

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Incredible UFO Sightings On A Beautiful Night Over Nevada

UFO Sightings Las Vegas Nevada April 2017

I shot this video from my backyard in the Summerlin area of Las Vegas, Nevada on the night of April 9, 2017. I'm running out of titles for these videos. This one is special because if you watch closely enough two-thirds of the way into the video you will see an UFO that looks like a tilted circu…

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UFO Sightings Over Southern Illinois Video

UFO Sightings Southern Illinois part 1 of 5 video

This is one of the few UFO Sightings movies you'll ever see that's actually worth watching. Several police officers called in a report on it and one even snapped a photo (albeit a very bad Polaroid). NO ONE IS SUGGESTING THAT THIS IS AN EXTRATERRESTRIAL SPACE CRAFT! I'm from this area and everyo…

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Ancient UFO Chariots of the Gods exclusive video interview

Erich Von Daniken Ancient UFO Sightings
2017 Erich Von Daniken's exclusive interview. Know all the exciting news about the movie adaptation of the revolutionary book "Chariots of the Gods". ANCIENT UFO.ORG 2017 Erich Von Daniken's Interview about the Movie "Chariots of the Gods"Ancient UFO credit Glyn Williams

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UFO Sighting dull oval shaped UFO streaked across highway causing car to immediately brake

UFO Sighting football shape Hickory NC 4/10/17

I was on my way home on Hickory NC at around 530:am on April 10th 2017 when an oval football shaped UFO Sighting streaked across the sky right in front of me causing me and another driver to brake immediately. The UFO was a dull white light almost like shining a light through a sheet of notebook…

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