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Project Stargate - CIA Remote Viewing of Ancient UFO Aliens Video

UFO Project Stargate

View Video Below: On May 22, 1984, Central Intelligence Agency undertook a sanctioned remote viewing of ancient Mars. As a result of an FOIA lawsuit, a document was recently uncovered and placed on line in which CIA pursued the remote viewing of a number of Martian coordinates - and what they fo…

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Latest UFO Sighting reported Tacoma Washington

Tacoma Washington UFO Sightings Orbs report March 12 2017

Strange white silent hovering UFO lights near Commencement Bay We were walking down Borough Road by Garfield Park to our car. My daughter saw 3 hovering UFO lights, white with red and blue and thought it was an airplane but wondered why these UFOs were silent and hovering so low, plus too small …

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More Human then Alien Researching the UFO Sighting enigma

Roswell Daily Record 1947 UFO Sighting

"The preliminary results of the research I have conducted confirm my earlier hypothesis that the Cold War played a critically formative role in the creation and sustainability of the UFO and Alien sightings contact phenomenon. Archival research in particular demonstrates that the technological i…

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The Government's UFO Disclosure Plan with Grant Cameron 2017

UFO Alien Government Disclosure 2017

Grant Cameron presents an overview of the 50 odd stories that show the government has been doing a gradual disclosure for 70 years.

He will briefly talk about the 64 reasons the government may have that prevent a move to full disclosure and will speak on the 14 Magicians whose job it was to p…

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Latest UFO Sighting we communicated with two Saucer Shaped UFOs Conway WA

On Monday, March 13, 2017 at 8:30 pm, my friends and I were at the western most end of Rawlings Rd in Conway WA, when out of nowhere, a UFO light appeared just above the horizon, over Camano Island. After a minute or so, another bright UFO light appeared next to it. It was the same pattern as ou…

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Lt. Colonel Charles I. Halt UFO Sighting Testimony

Colonel Halt UFO Incident

Charles I. Halt (Born 1939) is a retired United States Air Force colonel and the former base commander of RAF Bentwaters, near Woodbridge, Suffolk. After serving in Vietnam, Japan and Korea, he was assigned to Bentwaters as deputy commander. The Rendlesham Forest UFO Sighting incident of late De…

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UFO Sightings Occurred Fifty Years ago over Galesburg 1967

Galesburg UFO Sightings

"Courson was considered a credible witness, as he had long worked in police and security fields and was also a pilot. He described the UFO Sighting as about "30 to 40 feet in diameter, circular with a hazy red light coming from the bottom." He also said a white light around t…

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20 years ago Phoenix Arizona mass UFO Sightings continues today

phoenix UFO Sighting Light mystery

20 YEARS AGO: THE PHOENIX LIGHTS MYSTERY - Phoenix, Arizona. On the evening of March 13, 1997 thousands of people witness a UFO Sighting described as a "large triangular/V-shaped object" (as well as smaller triangular craft and unexplained lights) throughout the entire southern portion of th…

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1 hour Vestavia Al. UFO sighting shape shifting reddish color craft

Oval Shape UFO Sighting Vestavia AL 2017

Looking at stars on 3/9/17 noticed slightly off color yellow/orange tint- distinctly different. Emitted a pulsating light and would go from a distinct star like dot to a chevron, went from pin point light to chevron changing with pulses to a fainter much less intense yet larger oval transparent …

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UFO Sighting Video Low Orbit Wedge Shape UFO Footage

Infrared UFO Sighting low orbit wedge

UFO Sighting Description - First UFO Sighting has a distinct triangular shape. It's low & clear. I've called it 'stunning' as it sure stunned me. I can't explain it. Rest of UFO footage is mostly explainable - you decide. Really sorry if I don't respond to all comments, I'm way behind in checkin…

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Navy Engineer Leaks Claims of Secret UFO Alien Human Antarctica Bases

Antarctica UFO Bases
Navy Engineer: I Saw UFOs, Aliens, And Top-Secret Bases In Antarctica! There seems to be many secrets in the Antarctica...Navy Engineer: I Saw UFOs, Aliens, And Top-Secret Bases In Antarctica! UFOINTERNATIONALPROJECT.COM

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Black Octagon UFO Sighting Crab Orchard TN 2017

Black Octagon UFO Sighting Crab Orchard TN 2017

I was driving on I-40 near Crab Orchard, TN when I Sighted UFO in the sky. At first I thought it was a drone, but realized it had a large red tail/trail and a very peculiar appearance. The UFO was black metallic-looking sphere covered in orange octagon-shaped lights. UFO moved in a straight line…

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UFO Sighting formation of lights in a triangular shape over Ardmore Oklahoma

UFO Sightings Lights Ardmore OK 2017

I was traveling IH 35 north right outside Ardmore OK. when I took an exit to use the restroom. While I was out I noticed a streak of light in the sky. I turned to look thinking it was a star, as I looked I noticed it was moving back and forth ( from left to right, then back to left, then it star…

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Ellora Caves India Black UFO Sighting Appears in photo

Aurangabad India Black UFO Sighting photo

Me and my friend went to Ellora Caves, which is located in Aurangabad for site seeing. At that point of time I was having my mobile phone model Nokia 6681. I just started clicking the photos of the beautiful caves. I saw a huge UFO kind of object hovering above the cave and it was a bright sunny…

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Free On Line Webinar The Government’s UFO Disclosure Plan

This promises to be one of the most important Intelligence analysis of the flying saucer scene that has ever been given. Grant Cameron is a treasure for those interested in serious UFO studies.Joseph Burkes Grant will present an overview of the 50 odd stories that show the government h…

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Silvery White UFO Sighting over Green Valley Arizona

White ORB UFO over Green Valley Arizona

I was driving on a street in Green Valley, AZ. 3/7/17 I noticed a silvery white UFO in the sky to the North East (I was headed in that direction. I observed it for about 30 seconds, it appeared to be stationary from my perspective. I first thought it could be an airplane traveling away from me, …

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Mass UFO Sighting of a fleet of over 50+ white star like orbs hovering Lawrenceville GA

UFO Sightings of 50 Orbs flying over Lawrenceville GA March 2017

On the night of March 4, 2017 at approximately 22:10 I found my self at my neighbor's baby shower, I just had gotten back from work that evening. The night was crystal clear with not one single cloud in the sky. As I settled in with the crowed inside of the house, of about 20+ people both inside…

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UFO Alien Reverse Engineering is Real

The fact that UFO Aliens are able to travel distances of hundreds of light-years to visit planets in other solar systems or galaxies is an emphatic proof of the supremacy…10 Evidences To Prove The UFO Alien Technology Reverse Engineering Is Real   credit: Emma Smith/

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Troy Madison Hts MI UFO Sighting Fire in the Sky

Troy Madison Hts MI UFO Black Disk Sighting

I was leaving work to go to my second job when I noticed an oddly intense, fire bright UFO light in the sky to the south east of me. I was standing on the north side of 14 mile, just east of John R Rd, facing south. To the far west of me, I could see planes in the sky... with their blinking mult…

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Looked out bedroom window and saw 3 red light UFO hovering

Detroit MI UFO Lights Sighting March 2017

Detroit MI UFO Sighting report reads as follows:I walked by the bedroom window to see the weather and saw an UFO with three bright red lights just to the right and a little above the Penobscott building just hovering. I went to get my binoculars to get a better look. They are 10.X, I then could …

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