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Man took photos of the UFO that abducted him

Amaury Rivera UFO Alien Sighting encounterHow did a guy from Puerto Rico who claimed he was abducted by aliens who knew about a New World Order in 1988? An UFO Alien abduction tale that included a post-Apocalyptic Earth one world government run by aliens living on an artificial island in the middle of a dark, dirty black sea. The video …

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UFO Sighting of Bright Spinning Disc Outside Bedroom Window Telford GB

Telford GB UFO Sighting Disk outside window 2/5/17

UFO Sighting Witness Reports waking at about 3 am UK time on 5th February 2017 feeling like something had physically shaken her. When she sat up in bed she noticed a bright light shining through the bedroom window curtains, so she pulled back the curtains to look and saw a bright disc shaped UFO…

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UFO Sighting 5-6 pulsing lights moving slowly back and forth Whitby Ontario Canada

Whitby Ontario Canada UFO Sighting report 2/4/17

UFO Sighting occurred at approximately 9-10 p.m on February 4th 2017 on Ashburn Rd. In Whitby Ontario we first sighted 4 lights, 3 of which in rough triangle formation viewed head on to west of position while driving. Stopped to observe UFOs and took approx. 1.30 min video. Observed UFOs hoverin…

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Broad Haven Wales School Children UFO sightings 1977

Broad Haven UFO sightings marked 40 years on BBC

A UFO Sighting by a group of Pembrokeshire school children in 1977. 40 years ago when a class of pupils at Broad Haven Primary School said they spotted a UFO in a field near their playground. It was one of a wave of UFO Sightings in the area in 1977 dubbed the Dyfed Triangle. "One ch…

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Exorcism of UFO Aliens Possession of the Fourth Kind

Real Alien photo

How To Exorcise UFO Aliens: Possession of the Fourth Kind Under the guise of technical testing, gray Aliens create dithers and stress and impose raw anxiety in abductee's daily lives to create the juices, the endocrine stress flavors that their nighttime palates crave....Exorcism…

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UFO Sighting Seattle/ Issaquah Hollow Triangle Shaped 1/9/17

The Seattle/ Issaquah UFO Sighting continued for several days at around 7:05-7:20 am. 3 times in the last week. UFO witness was driving I-90 west again, noticed this UFO before I got off the exit. As I was driving, in the corner of my eye, I saw a bright light speeding in a half circle, like it was …

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Amazing Clear UFO Sighting Video Pittsburgh PA 1/13/17

I was taking my dog outside. I first noticed this UFO because it flew from over the field across my house. I had no idea what to think about the UFO when I first saw it, my only instinct was to get out my phone and start recording because it definitely wasn't something I had ever seen before. I firs…

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Spectacular UFO Crash Video! Burning UFO or Meteorite lands in Fields Feb 2017

02/01/17 - I went to the countryside at night to film a beautiful moon set over the fields and test a new lens I bought for my Sony a7s camera. After a few videos and photos, I started recording the moon set, when an amazing glowing light fell to the ground. It looked really big but not that far fro…

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