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UFO SIGHTING CONTACT- 9.1.2017 UFO plasma Video

Many people still doubt the existence of "UFO" flying saucers, but I tell you, just wait until they appear in large quantity. Around the entire planet will demonstrate their ability to fly their appearance and disappearance. In a way that confuses people into the large extent that no one really unde…

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Latest UFO Sighting changing shapes pulsating different colors dropping purple UFOs Valrico FL 1/8/17

Valrico Florida Jan 8 2017 UFO Sighting

I was at home going upstairs to bed around 9:10 pm. I looked out the window at the top of the stairs and saw a bright white light pulsating. I went to my room to get my binoculars. I saw a round disk shape that I was thinking looked like a holographic form because of all the tiny white lights an…

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The Great UFO Alien Conspiracy Video 2017

This is blocked in the British Isles due to copyright, yet Ch 4 will not make this available in any format to the UK and Ireland despite its single night of broadcast almost 20 months ago. 
This forward thinking documentary was aired by Channel 4 (UK)'s sister channel More 4, in early 2015. Shot i…

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large UFO Sighting separate red lights in the early morning Rochester NY sky 1/5/16

Rochester NY UFO Sighting 1517

Driving 490 West on the East side of the Genesee River, I first noticed a formation of white lights, as if the UFO Sighting had multiple lights, brighter white lights on the outside with smaller white lights outlining what looked to be a large UFO craft. I could not see the UFO craft, only the w…

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Captain Mantell UFO Sighting Encounter January 7th 1948

The Mantell UFO incident was among the most publicized early UFO reports. The incident resulted in the crash and death of 25-year-old Kentucky Air National Guard pilot, Captain Thomas F. Mantell, on 7 January 1948, while in pursuit of a UFO.
Historian David Michael Jacobs argues the Mantell case ma…

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January 6, 1976 Stanford UFO Sighting Abduction near Stanford Kentucky

Location of the famous January 6, 1976 Stanford UFO Encounter and Abduction near Stanford, Kentucky. Photo by Michael Huntington - June, 2016.

Stanford UFO Sighting Abduction Jan 1976

THE STANFORD UFO SIGHTING ABDUCTION: THE STANFORD DRIVE-IN ON HWY 78 - Stanford, Kentucky - On the evening of January 6, 1976 - Mona Stafford, Louise …

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Reappearance of UFO Triangle's - 3's of Otherworldly Presence

Black Triangle Clearwater Florida 12-23-16

UFO Sighting reported Triangle in shape, in trio, exact equal space if drawn with finger to sky, will draw a "air triangle" Seemed to appear out of no where. Hovered in one position for approximately 7 seconds facing to the area of MacDill AFB in Tampa, Florida; zipped in straight lines for few …

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Silent Dark Triangle UFO in flight with 3 bright white lights Winston Salem NC 12/29/16

Winston Salem NC UFO Sighting Triangle

I was traveling N NE and observed a large, black triangle with solid, bright white lights at each corner (1 per corner). I stopped my vehicle, rolled my window down and shut off my car. It made no sound, hovered approx @100'elevation and seemed to list S then N as if in a light wind. I observed …

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Columbia River UFO Sighting Incident with Police Recordings (1981)

In 1981 at least one huge bright UFO was witnessed by several police officers and many civilians in Oregon, USA. The original radio call in was recorded and this rarely discussed UFO incident may hold genuine evidence of UFO sound captured on tape. 
This video contains an initial press interview w…

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UFOs and the Intelligent Others

Alien Hand
The UFO discourse, like any other field of study, has philosophical underpinnings that function like a spectrum. Ufology belief seems to flows along a spectrum. On one end, science. On the …

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