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Commercial Pilot Has UFO Sighting Encounter San Diego

San Diego 121517 Pilot has UFO Sighting Encounter

Flying from Maui to San Diego on Alaska airlines on or about 12/5/2015 I looked out the window when we were about 100 miles out from San Diego ( I'm guessing about 1.5 hrs from landing) so we had to be around 15000 or ft or higher and saw a round UFOover the tip of wing where the tip of wing goes up…

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UK Ministry of Defense 2017 recent release of 15 (of 18) UFO Sightings files

Leslie Kean UFO Sightings Official Records Book

Australian based researcher Keith Basterfield has completed three Blog posts regarding the contents of the UK Ministry of Defense(Military of Defense) recent release of 15 (of 18) UFO/UAP files. While there is more to go his study thus far has included A discussion regarding the admission that the U…

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Triangle Shaped UFO Sighting reported Hovering over Aurora CO

Black Triangle UFO Sighting reported Aurora CO 11-30-17

UFO Sighting occurred on Nov.11th 2017 over Aurora CO: I was commuting home close to 8:55 pm MST had an intuitive sense to open the moon roof in my Acura RDX - specifically to observe the moon, which my son has been tracking for his class studies. When I did we both saw the moon as well as a low…

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